Spring is a time to find a new drive for productivity and feel revitalized after wintertime. When the weather gets sunny the fashion options become less restricted as the chilly weather goes away, it can feel like it’s time for a change. The concept of spring cleaning can also be applied to fashion by trying new styles, and cleaning out and replacing some clothing from last season. In refreshing your sense of style, you can be more adventurous and dip into the trends to see which best matches how you’d like to present yourself to the world. There are a lot of new hairstyling fashion trends that are currently building up and anticipated to become even more popular in the spring. These hairstyles portray some current ideas and even renewals of old trends from past seasons. Below is a list of three different hairstyles that have been gaining in popularity recently and are expected to be trending this spring.

Spring Hairstyles

  1. Pin straight hair: Much like perennial plants that reappear in spring, some hairstyles never go out of style. Straightened hair is no exception since it is making a comeback. This hairstyle involves flat ironing hair to make it as straight as a pin and often using products to increase its shine to promote a glossy seamless look. Though this look is a classic and popular choice, it is not without risks. The heat required to style it can lead to damage over time if the hair is not properly prepared beforehand. A product like Keranique’s Lift & Repair Treatment Spray should be used to help protect hair from heat so that there is less risk for damage when using heated styling tools. This hairdo is not a desirable choice for those who prefer to keep their natural hair and be able to define it. Straightening hair can make it difficult to transition it back to its previous state afterwards since the heat and pressure from the tools flattens curls. This can leave lasting effects on hair and change the curl patterns over time with prolonged use. This hairstyle is a great option for those who like the look when their hair is straightened especially if they feel that it helps to better frame their face and aligns with their fashion sense.

2. Accessorized: Hair accessories are in and are expected to be in full bloom by the springtime. Some common accessories that are becoming popular in popular culture are hair clips and headscarves. The headscarves that are popular in fashion now are often colorful and made to match the outfit. The hair clips that are trending are often two varieties, either colorful snap clips or bobby pin clips embellished with jewels. Using accessories is a great hairstyle choice for those who want to add an extra layer to their outfits by making a fashion statement with their hair.

3. Chignons: Chignons are a collection of updo hairstyles that involves a low bun that is typically styled neatly and securely. Since this hairdo requires more time and effort to make, it is higher maintenance to achieve. Because this style is more time consuming it is typically a less viable look for every day. This hair look is an excellent choice for special occasions since it is elegant and takes more preparation to achieve than other hairdos which can be done on the go. This hairstyle is an excellent choice for those who want a classic, seamless look that sweeps their hair neatly out of their face.

What are your thoughts on the recent hairstyle trends that have gained in popularity in fashion? Are you planning to get a new hairstyle for spring? If so, are you considering trying out one or more of the hairstyles in the future? If you are, Keranique offers a wide variety of hair care products to help you style your hair to always keep it looking its best. Take a look at our products page to find the hair care products that are best suited for the individual needs of your hair to help you to achieve your hair care goals.

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