When considering investing in hair extensions there are many factors to consider beforehand. These factors range from price for the extensions, to differences in upkeep. Included below is a list of the potential pros and cons of getting extensions and what you should keep in mind when considering purchasing extensions.

Hair Extensions: Pros & Cons

  1. Quick fix: When trying to achieve the look of long hair, it can take a long time to grow out. With hair extensions you can instantly add length to your hair instead of having to wait for it to fully grow out. Some individuals have difficulties with slow growing hair which can make having long hair take an exceptionally long time to achieve. As hair grows longer it takes more effort to maintain and requires more products to upkeep it. Frequent trims are also important to avoid split ends which can make the hair take longer to grow. This makes getting extensions a great temporary fix that can provide the benefits of longer, thicker hair with less of the drawbacks caused by continuous maintenance of having long hair.
  1.  More hairstyle options: Having medium and short hair can limit the number of potential hairstyles you can achieve since there is less hair to work with. When you add extensions to your hair there are options for various updos that require more hair since shorter hair is often not long enough to be pulled back fully into more intricate styles.
  2. Price: Depending on the type and quality of hair extensions you get, such as genuine human hair or synthetic, there can be disparaging prices. The price of extensions can vary and sometimes can be expensive ranging from several hundred to even as high as thousands of dollars. Depending on one’s budget, the price of extensions may be too high and result in reconsidering investing or choosing a less expensive extension that may be of less quality.
  1. Finding a good match: Sometimes finding the right match for your hair color and hair type can be difficult when searching for extensions. If your hair extensions don’t blend in well with your natural hair they can look out of place and appear visibly fake. The goal of extensions is to get hair in a tone that looks like your real hair and blend in seamlessly. If you have a challenging time finding the right color hair extension you may need to get them dyed to match if you are looking for a less expensive alternative.
  1. Varied upkeep: Depending on which type of extension you get and whether it is made of human hair or synthetic you will need to take different measures to clean it. Many times, synthetic hair extensions are less versatile and cannot be styled with heat, unlike extensions that are made of human hair. The added maintenance for cleaning extensions can differ depending on which type you decide to purchase. Some high-quality tape in extensions can be washed alongside your hair in the shower. Clip-in hair extensions require different maintenance in order to preserve them so that they last longer. Clip-in extensions can be more convenient at times than tape-in extensions. That’s because tape-ins require a trip to the salon to be put in and taken out. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each option to decide which hair extension is best suited to fit into your lifestyle and budget.

Are you considering getting hair extensions? If you are interested in investing in hair extensions it’s important to properly take care of them so that they can last longer. If you are, Keranique offers a wide variety of hair care products to help you style your hair to keep it looking and feeling its best. Take a look at our products page to find the hair care products that are best suited for the individual needs of your hair to help you to achieve your hair care goals.

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