Trends change over time depending on what is in style as the seasons pass. Having a hairstyle that matches your personal tastes, and is also current, is a way to remain fashion forward. There is no way to know for certain which hairstyles will trend from year to year, but there is a way to estimate what the styles might be, based on patterns in previous trends. When it comes to hairstyles, there are many that are classic and never go out of style; since they are timeless they can be paired well with any outfits and clothing trends. Below is a list of popular hair trends that can make your 2022 look one for the books.

  1. A bob: A popular hair trend in the 90s that still rings true today is the classic bob. Vogue’s esteemed Anna Wintour is a famous example of this timeless hairstyle. This haircut can be styled a variety of ways from curly to straight or wavy and with or without bangs.
  1. A Pixie cut: Emma Watson in The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a great example of a stylish pixie cut. This style is also a classic 90s throwback that never gets old or falls out of style. The lower maintenance and chic style of a pixie cut makes it a perfect look to start the new year in 2022. If the 90s have taught us anything recently, it is that many of the fashion trends from that time are still popular now, especially with the rising popularity of thrifting and vintage fashion stores giving new life to the 90s aesthetic.
  1. The Rachel: Sensing a theme here? Apparently the 90s has made a full comeback in fashion with many of the popular hairstyles from then resurfacing today. The Rachel is a layered, angled inwards shoulder length haircut that was coined by the show Friends when Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel was first seen donning the now iconic look that is so well-known today. This haircut is truly nostalgia at its finest.
  1. Curly bangs: Who says bangs have to be straight? Oftentimes, those who have curly hair straighten their bangs to have them lay on the face more evenly so they can stay in place. Taylor Swift has sported her curly bangs in recent years, showing them off in several music videos for her most recent albums. This has gained popularity for the hairstyle since straight bangs have been prominent for so long and now curly bangs have a place in the spotlight too. There are different ways to style bangs with curly hair that don’t involve straightening them. Use products that help to define hair curls as well as a diffuser to avoid frizz and then spray to make sure they are held in place; this can help to keep curly bangs looking their best.
  1. Embracing the beauty of natural hair: With an increased interest in keeping hair healthy and free of the damage that is often brought on by straighteners and other heated hair styling tools, many are opting for keeping their natural curly hair. This has become especially evident due to the increased awareness of the curly girl method which is a popular hair care routine that is meant to preserve and accentuate curls to better define them. This method helps to recover curls that have become flattened due to prolonged heat damage from previous hair straightening. This hair care trend also typically involves getting a curly hair specific haircut which involves different types of layering to best accentuate the hair.

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