Trying to tame frizzy hair can be difficult. If you’re someone who deals with frizzy hair, you know that self-conscious feeling when the humidity rises and your hair starts to take on a life of its own. Frizz occurs when the level of humidity in the air is greater than the level of water in your hair, so hydration is a top priority. Frizz is a sign that your hair is not properly nourished or moisturized, because frizz is the result of hair that has broken due to its poor health. The health of your hair is visible in its appearance as well as by how it feels. Hair that feels brittle or dry and looks dull is not healthy or well-balanced. Dryness and damage can contribute to hair becoming more frizzy and dull. Healthy hair has a healthy balance of moisture and strength to be full and smooth rather than dry and lifeless. Some methods to reduce hair frizz from forming involve supplying it with enough nutrients and hydration to help it reach its fullest potential. 

Unhealthy hair is frizzy, dull, dry and brittle while healthy hair is smooth, shiny, hydrated and strong. To achieve healthy, frizz-free hair, you will need to have a haircare routine that provides your hair with enough nutrients and moisture to smooth and strengthen the strands. Here is a list of haircare styling products that can help you to improve your hair’s overall health, which may help to reduce potential frizz from forming when the forecast calls for humidity. 

  1. Oil can help reduce frizz in hair by providing moisture and smoothing out the strands. The amount of oil you need to use and the frequency in which you apply it depends on many factors and varies based on the individual. The environment you live in and the hair type you have will help to determine how much and how often you will need to apply oil. If you reside in a climate where your hair is exposed to the sun for prolonged periods, UV damage may require you to supplement hair with a hydrating oil. Your hair texture and type can also determine how much oil and moisture you will need. A way to help evenly distribute oil is to use oil that is in a spray bottle so that you can fully distribute the product throughout the hair. Keranique offers a Marula Oil Hair Treatment Mist that provides great treatment for frizz by moisturizing the hair and smoothing it.
  2. Heat protection can help prevent hair frizz by reducing damage and dryness. This can protect hair and lessen the potential for drying that can occur from using heated styling tools on hair without a heat protectant. Keranique offers a Lift & Repair Treatment Spray that provides heat protection which can reduce frizz by retaining hair moisture when exposed to heat that would otherwise result in drying. 
  3. Using a deep conditioner can also help aid in frizz reduction by increasing moisture and smoothing the strands. When your hair undergoes a deep conditioning treatment, it can become more flexible and retain strength since it is nourished and balanced which helps to lessen the likelihood of hair breakage when detangling. If you’re looking for a proven solution, Keranique has a Volumizing Keratin Conditioner that provides deep hydration to smooth and moisturize dry hair which can lessen the risk of frizz forming. 
  4. Gentle shampoo can help reduce frizz by not stripping the hair of its natural oils and moisture. Harsh shampoos can dry out your hair which can result in frizz. Keranique carries a gentle Scalp Stimulating Shampoo which can help clean hair without leaving it dry which would otherwise likely have contributed to frizz forming. 
  5. Using the right products for your hair type is important so that they are well suited to the individual needs of your hair. Those with different hair types require different levels of moisture in their hair care products. Curly hair typically requires more hydration than straight or wavy hair. So, using a curl friendly shampoo and conditioner is important to reduce the frizz that can come from hair not having enough moisture. Keranique offers a Scalp Nourishing Shampoo which provides a gentle moisturizing cleaning for curly hair that is great for helping reduce frizz. Keranique’s Curl Preserve Keratin Conditioner is also another great choice for curly hair to aid in reducing frizz by increasing the hair’s moisture.

Do you want to improve the health of your hair, lessen the risk of dryness as well as damage and reduce frizz? Keranique offers so many products to help you achieve your hair goals by increasing moisture, repairing damage and as a result reducing frizz. 

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