While the sun can be good for your health and provide a great natural source of vitamin D, it also has drawbacks when it comes to prolonged exposure to damaging UV rays. These harmful UV rays can cause damage to your hair, resulting in it becoming dry as well as brittle. Dry, brittle hair is more prone to breakage than healthy hair. There are several methods that can help protect your hair from being damaged by the sun. It is also important to take measures to repair any potential damage from the sun that your hair has already experienced. By preventing sun damage and treating any damage that may already have occurred, you can improve the overall appearance and feel of your hair. Here is a list of the ways you can keep your hair healthy by protecting it from harmful sun damage as well as products that you can use to reverse any damage that has already potentially occurred because of the sun.

  1. Wearing protective clothing such as a hat or scarf can help to shield your hair from the sun’s harmful UV rays by providing a physical barrier that blocks them out. This can be a fun way to protect your hair while using a fashionable accessory to do so. 
  2. Using sun protectant products such as UV protection mousses or creams that contain SPF can help to protect hair from the sun’s harmful rays. These products can also help to moisturize the hair and protect it from becoming dried out and brittle as harmful UV rays aren’t able to penetrate into the inner layers of the hair shaft.
  3. Using gentle hair products that don’t completely strip hair’s natural oils will help your hair maintain its natural barrier. This will let the hair lock in moisture and reduce dryness which could have otherwise led to further damage when combined with the dry, damaging effect the sun can have. Cheap drug store shampoos are notorious for causing this, and can wreak havoc on your hair in the long run.
  4. Keeping hair well-conditioned to prevent it further drying out from the sun’s UV rays is a way to reduce sun damage. By keeping your hair hydrated, you can reduce the risk of it drying out from the heat as it is exposed to the sun. This can lessen the risk of it becoming further damaged and brittle as a result of the UV exposure.
  5. Protecting hair from heat damage that can occur from using heated styling tools can also help your hair health by helping it to retain its moisture. It is helpful to prevent further damage because if it is combined with sun damage, it will dry out and damage the hair even more, resulting in issues that will be more complicated to fix. Keranique offers a Lift and Repair Treatment Spray that helps to protect your hair from heat damage when using heated styling tools.  
  6. Using color safe products for dyed hair so that your hair will have a gentle wash that doesn’t strip it and fade it. If your hair is dyed and you use the wrong shampoo and add sun damage on top of that, this will cause the hair to become dry and dull. This makes the hair lose its luster and shine which is a sign that the health of the hair is declining. Color treated hair products are formulated to be able to gently cleanse the hair without stripping it of its color. Keranique offers a Color Boost Shampoo and Conditioner Set specially formulated for color treated hair that can help reduce the fading of your color treated hair. 
  7. Use reparative treatments to reduce any current damage so that your hair will not be even more susceptible to drying out and becoming even more damaged by the sun. Keranique carries an Intensive Overnight Hair Repair Serum that can help to support hair health by nourishing the hair follicles and encourage revitalization of hair growth. 

Do you want to try different methods to prevent the sun from damaging your hair and help repair existing damage? Try out some of the methods mentioned above to help protect and repair your hair from sun damage. Keranique offers several products to keep your hair healthy and help repair damage that may have already occurred. 

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