Naturally, our hair is one of the first things we focus on when it comes to our appearance. Hair can be simply an aspect of our style or even an expression of who we are as a person. It is one of the most versatile and expressive parts of us, so preferably we would want to keep it looking nice and healthy. As we style hair with everyday products, we may not realize how much damage we are actually doing to our hair, which can result in it looking lifeless and fried.

Whether it be straight, curly, or permed, any kind of hair can be damaged because of mistakes we may make with our daily routines. Hair breakage, fragile hair, and hair loss is something that no one wants to have happen to them. If the very thing we use to help express our outward selves is not at its best, then we are not at our best. Hair damage can be unavoidable which may feel discouraging, but there are ways to prevent damage or treat hair if you can identify the cause behind it. 


Heat is one of the more common culprits of damaged hair and it comes from the very tools that we use to stylize it! Hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons are our best friends when it comes to styling our hair. High heat is needed with these tools to get the best results to keep hair styled a certain way. However, using these tools the incorrect way or simply using them too much can cause serious heat damage. Hair cuticles can be damaged from repeated extreme temperatures which can cause breakage. Cuticles are responsible for strengthening and protecting your hair, and without it, hair would become much more vulnerable. 

To help prevent damage, try not using styling tools once a week to give your hair and cuticles a much needed break. Ceramic styling tools also help with prevention as they more evenly heat up so sections of hair don’t need to be repeatedly heated. A vital step when using hot tools is using heat protecting sprays or applications to protect hair from heat damage. Check out our Keranique Lift & Repair Treatment Spray which can not only repair and style your hair, but can also protect against heat damage.


Dryness is another factor that we must take into account. Dry hair is a big sign and symptom of hair damage and breakage. Dryness damage can be caused by several outside sources, including dry weather and low humidity. Prolonged exposure can lead to hair becoming less moisturized. Dryness can also be a by-product of heat damage from the tools we use to style our hair. Mentioned earlier, too much usage of heat products can cause cuticles to become damaged and leave dryer hair more vulnerable. Surprisingly enough, even the water we use to wash our hair with can lead to damage if you have “hard” water. Hard water contains minerals that build up on the hair which can prohibit moisture from absorbing through the cuticle, which can dry it out.

One can take the necessary precautions to treat and avoid damage from dryness in a number of ways. Try applying shampoo to just your scalp every other day along with regular use from conditioner can prevent hair from drying out. Using warm water instead of hot water may also prevent some dryness from occurring. Utilizing repair or protection products is a great solution concerning not only dry hair, but other types of damage as well. Browse some of our sets and products for dry hair on our website!

Daily Routines

How we manage our hair every day matters, and sometimes styling it the wrong way can have negative results. Believe it or not, simply blow drying your hair after you get out of the shower by rubbing a towel against your head can be damaging. Your hair tends to be most vulnerable when it is wet or moist. Using hair ties can damage hair as they can put stress on your scalp and hair cuticles as the hair dries and contracts. Sometimes strands of hair fall out entirely when they are taken out of a hair tie! Brushing and combing aggressively can have negative results, as they also put pressure on important parts of your head and damage individual hairs.

Simply using all of these routines the correct way can prevent unnecessary problems from occurring. Putting a towel on or around your head after a shower can dry your hair in a non-destructive way. Instead of using tight hair ties, wear hair down every once in a while to lessen stress put on your hair. Also, wearing looser hair ties can prevent your hair and scalp from being pulled on too much. Only brushing or combing when styling your hair and when it is dry, not wet, can prevent damage as a consequence.. Keranique provides styling products of all kinds that can both protect and repair damaged hair.


Surprisingly, even what we eat matters. Hair needs certain nutrients found in hair products and even food to stay healthy. Just like our body and mind, if hair doesn’t have nutrients, it becomes weaker. Lacking proper amounts of vital nutrients can lead to hair stagnating in growth and hair breakage. Having a balanced and healthy diet can go a long way for your body, mind, and even hair. Having enough iron, zinc, and folic acid daily can help strengthen your hair. In addition, enough protein and certain antioxidants found in plant foods can prevent damage from occurring. If dieting isn’t enough, certain health supplements can get you to where you need to be concerning hair health.

Amazingly, Keranique also has hair and scalp supplements to aid in hair health. Check out our supplement known as Keraviatin online today and see if you qualify for huge savings on our introductory offer!

Here at Keranique, we understand the causes of hair damage down to a science! We provide an assortment of products and treatments which can not only repair but also protect hair. Visit us online today!

This article is not intended to treat any disease or offer a substitution for professional medical advice.

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