Do you always wake up with flat hair in the morning and have no clue what to do with it or how to stop it? Luckily for you, you have come to the right place! We’re here to give you all the tips and tricks to stop it, because let’s be honest, no one likes the look of their hair when it’s flat, especially if you are one of the millions of women already struggling with thinning hair. Be ready for people to start asking how you did it! Stop being discouraged by flat hair days—get ahead of it with these tips:

  1. Stop Going to Bed With Wet Hair

Do you take showers at night and let your hair air dry instead of styling it before bed? Well yes—you should let your hair air dry as much as possible to avoid damage that can come along with frequent blow drying. Unfortunately, when you go to bed right after a shower and lay down on your wet hair, you’re pushing your hair directly up to your scalp, causing it to dry flat against your head. So if you’re going to shower at night, we recommend pulling out the heat protectant serum and blow-drying it before going to sleep. By using a round brush to add some volume, you’ll see a difference in the morning. 

  1. Use Satin or Silk Pillow Cases 

Stop with the cotton and get some silk. What’s the difference? Well, for one, silk eliminates fiction for the most part, allowing your hair to just glide over the surface as you twist and turn. When your hair is able to move freely, it reduces the split ends, knotting, frizz and any other hair damage your cotton pillowcases have been causing. Cotton, although soft to the touch, can act like Velcro to dry hair, pulling it while at the same time robbing it of natural oils that keep hair shiny and hydrated. As you may know, hair that is able to retain its moisture is healthier than dry, damaged hair. A silk or satin pillowcase is a beauty tip many women swear by to help them wake up with smoother, frizz-less hair.

  1. Use Dry Shampoo Before Bed 

Using dry shampoo before you go to bed is a way to eliminate the excess oils in your hair and provide texture to your hair. Throughout the night, it will create volume by lifting your hair at its roots as you move your head throughout the night. No matter what, whenever you add texture to your hair, you give it the effect of looking more voluminous than it actually is. Plus, adding dry shampoo can help as you style your hair for the next day, providing extra hold if you use a curling iron or use extra product to enhance your hair’s natural texture. If you struggle with greasy hair, dry shampoo will help prevent hair from looking too oily by the end of the day. 

  1. Keep Your Hair in a Loose Bun

Keeping hair in a loose bun has the dual benefit of providing volume, but also protecting hair follicles. A loose bun, worn overnight, can give many hair types a bit of volume and movement when taken down in the morning. It’s important to emphasize the fact that the bun should be worn loose—a tight bun will have the opposite effect, and you may notice fragile hairs at the front of your head or nape of your neck can break when left in this style for too long. If you do decide to go to sleep with your hair wet, wearing it in a loose bun is your best bet for a good hair day the following day.

  1. Use No Crease Ties or Scrunchies Rather Than Elastic Hair Ties

What does the type of hair tie you use have to do with the flatness of your hair? By wearing a no crease hair tie or scrunchie, your hair is not being left with a crease, giving it the effect that your hair is flat because it has these marks in it. Along with that, you are not yanking on your hair as much causing it to be pulled down to your scalp like it would be if you were sleeping on wet hair or your pillowcases are yanking on it. Lastly, these hair accessories allow for hair to be worn in a loose style which can help avoid breakage in the future. 

Whether you decide to try all these tips and tricks or just one it is sure to help you tackle your morning flat hair.  No matter what way you choose to avoid flat hair you will look amazing so start today!Check out our products page to find the right item for your individual hair type and needs.

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