Although summer is quickly approaching, it’s not too late to start to regrow your hair! Does that seem impossible to you? If so, we’re here to tell you that it really isn’t. There are just a few small steps and products that you’ll need to accomplish this goal. Before we begin recommending products and styling techniques, we want you to make sure that you’re patient with yourself and patient with your hair. If your hair is thinning or falling out and isn’t caused by a medical condition, there are ways to treat it, but it may take several months. It’s not a sprint, but a marathon. Our bodies are always changing, and things take time. If you’re diligent, you will see results.

First, you’ll need to give your hair a break. Try to stop coloring it for a while. You can get a cut to remove some dead ends in conjunction with staying away from hot hair styling tools. This can make it fall out faster. So, remember to be extra gentle with your hair at this time, even when washing, brushing, and drying it! Don’t tug on it when you brush or are using a towel to get the excess water out after a shower or bath.

Next, you’ll need to arm yourself with new products. Switch out your shampoo and conditioner to ones that help heal thinning hair. You can also try Keranique’s FDA-approved Hair Regrowth Treatment. This is the key to regrowing your hair fast! All you have to do is use it twice a day on your problem areas. The active ingredient minoxidil will work its magic and help you regrow your hair and increase your hair’s thickness.

While you are using new shampoo, conditioner, and a regrowth treatment, perhaps you need supplements to help boost the vital nutrients in your body. What’s good for your body is also good for your hair. Our KeraViatin Hair and Scalp Supplements help heal your scalp problems and use vitamins and other nutrients to help your hair grow. A supplement is especially important if your hair thinning and hair loss is caused by a vitamin deficiency and poor diets.

When styling your hair, you’ll want to use products that help heal your hair while giving you instant lift and volume. For instance, a styling spray or mousse can help you achieve the curls and/or volume you crave with the added bonus of de-frizzing your hair and giving it extra shine. With this combined method, you should start to see visibly thicker hair. Maintain and gain your confidence as your body and hair is on its journey for stronger, thicker, fuller, youthful hair.

Are you trying to regrow your hair quickly? Do you want a new hairdo by summer? Now is the time!

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