Many people, especially women, love to have thick and full hair. If your hair isn’t what it used to be, it can not only be alarming, but embarrassing as well. However, it doesn’t have to be! You should always talk to a doctor to find out the root cause of your hair loss in order to start treating it. If it is just caused by genetics and age, there are plenty of treatments that can help including supplements and  hair regrowth treatments that are FDA-approved. While you use these products, you need to start loving your hair and working on your confidence!

To help boost your confidence again, there are several things you can do:

  1. If your self-esteem has dropped so low due to your thinning hair, you may need to seek the help of a therapist or a counselor. You could also talk to a trusted friend or family member about what’s bothering you. Don’t keep your feelings inside.
  2. Try writing positive affirmations about yourself and your hair. Look in the mirror and point out all the things you love about your hair and your looks instead of being so hard on yourself.
  3. Feel empowered by learning the cause of your thinning hair and learn how you can treat it. Once you feel more in control, it can help bring your confidence back.
  4. Follow others on social media who are positive influences. Others are likely on the same hair journey as you and can motivate you to look on the bright side. Unfollow anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself.
  5. Know that it is likely only temporary. Your hair will regrow and so will your confidence!
  6. Try a new hairstyle, cut, or color to give yourself a boost. Ask your hairstylist for the right cut, color, or hairstyle that will work best with your face shape and hair type. They can help you to achieve a look that fakes fuller and thicker hair. This alone can give you tons of confidence and help you love your hair again!
  7. If you don’t want to try a new color or cut, just style your hair differently. Try a style you’ve always wanted to try. Ask a friend to help you out or watch a YouTube tutorial.

Are you currently trying to regrow your thinning hair or experiencing hair loss? Has it been tough on your self-esteem and confidence?

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