Let’s get started with a simple question, how common is thinning or Hair Loss for women? It’s more prevalent than you might think. In fact, 1 in every 3 adult women, that is over 40 million women in the US, will or have experienced thinning or hair loss. And once a woman reaches the age of 50, she’s 50% more likely to experience this issue.

You may be asking yourself how can I tell if I am losing hair? The signs you are losing your hair may vary but some signs you may notice are the widening of part or that your scalp is more noticeable through your hair. You also may see more hair left on your pillow or in your brush and your hair seems to have less volume. If the loss is progressed, you actually may see a bald spot. That is why it is important to start a regimen as soon as you notice. And just like signs of hair loss, the principal factors that can cause hair loss vary as well. Some of those factors can be hereditary – due to aging, hormonal changes, stress or changes in diet. Even over-use of your styling tools can contribute to hair loss. What is also important to note is Hair Loss is different between men & women. Men generally experience what is called Male Pattern Baldness (in one area). For women it generally thins in a diffuse pattern, particularly in the area of their part. Because of this it may take longer to notice and start a treatment.

We want you to know that Keranique is here to help! Keranique is the #1 Hair Growth System for Women in the US, and we are that for a reason! We have focused exclusively on women’s hair loss. Keranique was born out of a need to provide tailored treatments for women with hair loss. The brand was created by two founders whose family members were experiencing hair loss. Through research they realized there were NO brands that addressed the specific needs of women. Keranique incorporates the best science in quality products to give women beautiful, longer, stronger, fuller hair and a renewed confidence to own each day. We also know hair loss is such a personal thing. Our hair is a representation of our personal style and personality. It’s one of the first things people will notice; it’s our Crown Glory. And if you are starting to lose your hair, you may lose more than hair, you may begin to lose your confidence.

KERANIQUE’S MISSION: Is to educate, enhance, empower and inspire while providing affordable, effective and simple solutions to women who experience or who are concerned about experiencing hair loss.

One more thing before we would like to stress before we move on. Keranique has products for ALL women, not just for women experiencing thinning or hair loss. That is one of the biggest misconceptions about Keranique. While it is indeed a fact that Keranique was created and developed for women experiencing hair loss, we are equally a preventative line. We have many great products for all women that help improve the health of your hair and nourish your scalp. So if you are not experiencing hair loss but want to have healthier hair, you too can use Keranique.

Now that we have clarified, let’s talk about one of our main products. The Regrowth Treatment for Women is the only product in Keranique that is clinically proven to REGROW women’s hair. Keranique’s Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women features the ONLY FDA-Approved ingredient clinically proven to help women regrow hair. It was formulated to reactivate dormant hair follicles to initiate the growth-phase of your hair.

It is important to note that this is not an over-night result. Our natural hair growth cycle is about 3 to 4 months so it will take that long to begin to see the baby hairs start to grow. REMEMBER the Regrowth Treatment is stimulating the follicle to regrow. It takes time and it takes consistency.

For optimum results it is recommended to use twice a day (morning & night) using 6 sprays each time you apply to your scalp in the area of your concern and gently pat in the product with your fingers. Note: don’t forget to wash your hands after. The Regrowth Treatment is the consistency of water and it should not affect your hairstyle or make your hair greasy. It can be sprayed after you have washed and towel-dried your hair or when your hair has not been freshly washed. It also contains a Patented & Exclusive Easy Precision Sprayer that is FDA-Approved and ensures a consistent, targeted & mess free application.

Key Factors

First, as mentioned earlier, it is important to have a CONSISTENT ROUTINE using the Regrowth Treatment. You will want to incorporate this as part of your regular Beauty Routine just like how we should clean and moisturize our face twice day to keep our skin looking healthy. Or even how we brush our teeth twice a day to keep our gums healthy and teeth plaque-free. Using the Regrowth Treatment regularly and even after your hair grows back will keep your follicles stimulated to continue growing your hair. If you stop using the Regrowth Treatment after your hair is all back, what happens over that 3-to-4-month period of not stimulating your follicles, you will lose any new regrowth. So it is important to make this a part of your daily care routine.

Second, there is a possibility of hair shedding at the beginning of starting to use the Regrowth Treatment. Although it’s possible for a small percentage of users, it is TEMPORARY and generally last 2-6 weeks. Hair grows slowly, about 3 to 4 months to emerge from the follicle and grow from the scalp. As the Keranique Regrowth Treatment begins to take affect and regrow hair, it revitalizes and stimulates hair follicles. This shedding can indicate that Keranique is working. So don’t worry IF it does happen in the beginning – it’s part of the process. Just think you’ve got to shed out those hairs to start growing stronger and healthier hair.

So if you are losing your hair Keranique has the Regrowth Treatment to help you grow it back. But remember it is important to be consistent. In fact, we’ve bundled the regrowth treatment with our revitalizing shampoo and conditioner and a lift and repair spray so that you can experience a complete experience. If you would like to learn more, click here and see how we’ve taken the guess work out for you. If you are not losing hair, remember, we have many great products in the line to help maintain the health of your hair and nourish your scalp.

Keranique’s approach includes easy to use, effective treatments that promote the Strength, Growth & Beauty of Hair. We’ve coupled this with a connective community that serves and supports women as she addresses her hair health needs.

Please Take Care of Your Hair and Don’t Forget to Take Care of You!

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