It doesn’t matter if your hair is thick, thin, coarse, dry, oily, or damaged, a balanced diet is the best thing you can do for your hair, no matter what type of hair that you have. Here are some of the best nutrients to eat for all hair types and we will let you know which hair types might need a little extra of each nutrient.


Protein is very important because your hair is mostly made up of protein. If you are lacking in protein, your hair may be very brittle and even start falling out. Try to eat at least 45 grams of protein every day. It could come from many different sources including poultry, red meats, salmon, and beans. Your source of protein will be based on your regular diet and any allergies.


If your hair feels dry and brittle, you might need a little extra zinc in your diet. If you are lacking in zinc, your hair might also start shedding more. Zinc can also be helpful for those with oily hair to control oil production – not to mention Zinc’s benefits on your immune system. Add in more fruits, vegetables, and nuts to increase your Zinc intake.

Omega Fatty Acids

It’s important to pay as close attention to your scalp as you pay to the strands of hair on your head. If your scalp needs a little TLC, you might need more omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. They can help improve scalp problems like dry, itchy scalp and dandruff. It could also help dry hair and help your hair grow faster. Try eating more fatty fish like salmon, yogurt, and cereal.


There are many reports and studies supporting the user of collagen supplements for long, strong locks. It is basically a type of amino acid protein that helps strengthen hair follicles. It can be very good for your skin as well.


Biotin is a B-complex vitamin that can help your hair and nails grow. If you need more biotin you might notice dry hair, dry scalp, and thinning hair.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a great vitamin for scalp problems. It helps block free radicals that can damage your hair and also calms detrimental inflammation.

Iron and Vitamin C

Iron deficiencies are common, especially among women. Unfortunately, a lack of iron can cause dry hair and hair loss. Vitamin C helps your body absorb more iron, so these are best when taken together. Vitamin C also helps promote natural collagen production.

Especially if you have oily hair, you should avoid eating too many dairy products, fatty foods, and sugary foods. These foods are not only bad for your health but can be bad for your hair as well. Do you ever notice how your hair looks and feels when your diet has been full of sugar and fast food? Not great right? Try changing it up and eating a little healthier and see if you can notice a change.

Do you take any multivitamins or hair supplements? If you need a little extra help in the hair department, try KeraViatin Hair and Scalp Supplements. They provide many of these vitamins plus nutrients like curcumin that help your hair grow and stay healthy. A balanced diet is the best way to have beautiful hair, but you might need to take certain supplements as well. If you are unsure if you are deficient in certain nutrients, be sure to talk to a doctor to find out.

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