There are so many opportunities to celebrate women in March. First and foremost, March is Women’s History Month. We then celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th, and finally, March 26th marked International Good Hair Day! You might be asking yourself, what exactly is International Good Hair Day? International Good Hair Day was created in 2001 by the hair tool brand GHD (Good Hair Day). They hoped it would help women feel great about themselves and celebrate their natural hair.

Notice how you feel when you are having a good hair day. Do you feel more confident, comfortable in your own skin, and beautiful? We bet you do! Especially if you have been feeling a bit down lately with the ongoing winter months and pandemic, this is a great way to start to feel better. There are many ways you can celebrate International Good Hair Day, from the smallest of changes to complete total makeovers.

Start with perhaps making a hair appointment. Are you in need of a haircut or color update? Maybe you want to change up your look completely? No matter what you want to do with your hair, going to the hair salon can feel so luxurious. Don’t forget to ask for an extra-long head massage when they shampoo your hair. If you don’t need a trim or your hair colored, you could simply go and ask for a blowout. Sometimes it is so nice to have someone else do your hair for a change. Do you always straighten your hair? Ask for curls and switch it up!

If you don’t feel comfortable going to the salon just yet, you can treat your hair at home. Use a new shampoo, try a hair mask, or color your hair yourself. Now is a great time to use a temporary hair color in a crazy color like pink or purple. It will wash out quickly but you can feel super fun and confident for the day while you rock it!

If your hair has been feeling less than perfect lately, do what you can to make it better. A hair mask can help if it has been feeling dry and frizzy. If your hair is thinning or falling out, start using a Regrowth Treatment to get your hair back to normal.

If you work with women or have a lot of friends, you could try a hair competition for the day. Set up a goal like the craziest hairstyle or the prettiest braids and have people try their best looks. Give the winner a prize of hair care products. Whether you hold a competition or not, now is a great time to try new hair styles. Look up hair styles on YouTube or Pinterest and practice ones you’ve always wanted to try on yourself. You could even offer to do a friend’s hair if you have some skills. Do you have any hair accessories lying around that you never use? Get all of them out and try some new looks.

Find ways to give back. Do you have extra long hair and are looking to cut it? Donate it to Locks of Love or another organization that creates wigs for cancer patients. Give a loved one a gift of hair care products just because. Donate hair care products to a local women’s shelter. Get creative with this one.

If you do get a new haircut or color or try a fun new hair style, why not share it on social media? Use the hashtag #GoodHairDay on International Good Hair Day! Celebrate the hair you were born with… you look great!

How will you celebrate International Good Hair Day this year? What will you do on the day? How will you switch up your look? Let us know!

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