Hair masks can help you achieve your hair goals faster because they contain more concentrated active ingredients. They can also help improve the look and health of your hair over time. Hair masks aren’t meant to be used every day, but you can and should use them a couple times per week. Fortunately, nowadays, you can purchase hair masks ranging from those formulated for dry and damaged hair to thinning and fragile hair.

You can also use some of these ingredients to make your own DIY hair masks at home. Just look up some recipes online or on Pinterest. There are so many that you can create with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Let’s go over some of the top ingredients to look for in hair masks.

If you need more moisture in your hair, look for coconut oil in the ingredients. It is a natural conditioning ingredient that penetrates your hair and increases the nutrients in your hair. It is a great way to reduce damage and add some much-needed moisture into your beautiful locks.

Argan oil is another way to moisturize your hair but also soften and protect it. If you really want your hair to feel soft and look shinier, you should definitely try an argan oil hair mask.

Shea butter is a great way to condition your hair and contains lots of fatty acids. These can help plump your hair, make it look and feel moisturized, and give it vitamins that it needs to become healthier and stronger. Many masks with shea butter can also contain green tea, which works together to replenish your hair. Green tea has tons of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Don’t forget to drink some green tea to help your hair’s health and overall well-being too!

Honey is great for you if you have damaged hair with breakage and split ends. While it can be a mess if you make your own hair mask using honey, it will be worth it! It has lots of antioxidants and its antibacterial qualities can make it safe to use on your scalp to treat scalp issues. It also has a lot of vitamins and minerals and can make your hair very soft. Just be sure to rinse well!

Speaking of scalp issues, if you are looking for a hair mask that you can use to help heal your scalp as well, look for apple cider vinegar in the ingredients. It helps to remove buildup and deeply cleanse your scalp and hair.

Avocado oil is a lighter way to hydrate your hair. It contains vitamin E, potassium, and other vitamins that can heal your hair. If you have dull hair, hair masks containing avocado oil can help give you shiny hair fast.

Many of these ingredients are for those with dry hair, but what about thinning hair? You’ll want to look for an exfoliating hair mask that you can apply to both your hair and your scalp. Keranique’s Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Revitalizing Mask contains Keratin Amino Complex™ which helps strengthen and fortify thinning hair. It can reduce buildup, increase shine and hydration, and help restore volume. The other active ingredients are Procapil, FolliSync Biofunctional, Apricot Seed Powder, Polylactic Acid exfoliating beads-Physical exfoliator, and Menthol. Menthol will give you that tingly feeling that helps you know it is working! It can also help relax you.

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