The United States has the most lucrative hair care market in the world. In 2019 Americans spent $2.49 billion (yes, with a B) dollars on just shampoos alone. That figure was followed closely by conditioners at $2.2 billion, hair colorants coming in at nearly $1.4 billion and mousses/styling products just trailing at $1 billion even. We are clearly a nation obsessed with our hair and our spending habits on haircare are clear illustrations of it. While it’s true that we are spending more than ever to care for our hair, is there something we aren’t considering when it comes to our hair health?

In terms of all beauty products combined, including skin care and color cosmetics, the single most purchased product by US consumers is shampoo. Greater than 90% of American households purchase it in a regular way. We buy shampoo for its functional ability to keep our hair clean, to give it body, to add moisture and shine. But is that enough? Char Deegan-Calello, Senior Scientific Officer and VP of Product Development at Keranique doesn’t think so. She says, “You need to think of hair health and its growth like a garden. We typically only focus on the surface, and only address the performance properties of products as they act on the fiber. So if you visualize hair growth, the lasting, long-term health of hair, it’s not the surface that really matters. It’s actually what’s going on beneath the surface, at scalp-level that counts.” And while it’s true that many products nourish and treat the scalp from the outside, she believes you need to nourish from within as well. “Hair care products that strengthen, repair and protect the hair are crucial to maintaining beautiful hair, but you also need to address hair health from within, at the root level, the place where hair is formed and grows.”

KeraViatin Hair & Scalp Supplement was developed to address and target factors that cause hair thinning and loss. It has been clinically-tested and shown to thicken, strengthen and promote healthy hair growth! It’s formulated with KeraViatin10 Complex and includes patented ingredients like Curcumin, one of the most powerful antioxidants, a blend of Omegas, Biotin, and other strand-saving ingredients. It also contains a bioavailability enhancer to ensure absorption of these incredible nutrients. Your scalp is specialized skin and it’s important to nourish it!


  • Helps existing hair grow fuller, thicker and healthier-looking
  • Supplies key nutrients that are needed by the hair follicle
  • Is clinically-tested and proven effective
  • Was developed to be used alone or in conjunction with other Keranique products
  • Addresses underlying causes that can lead to poor hair health

What’s just as important as what is in it, is what was left out; no added Gluten, Milk, Egg, Soy, Wheat, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Crustacean, or ingredients from any of these sources. There is no sugar, no artificial color, no artificial flavor, and is free of preservatives.

We focus on your well being and if you want to learn more about how hair grows and some of the causes of hair loss, please see the video in the link below:

Learn how KeraViatin helps grow thick, full, & healthly hair!

In this episode of Getting to the Root with Keranique, Our Director of Education, Michael Rogers, talks about the power of the KeraViatin Hair Supplements. Learn what is in KeraViatin and how it makes hair shininer, healthier, and longer!

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Posted by Keranique on Thursday, September 10, 2020

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