With changing seasons and weather, now is the time to pick your favorite fall hair color. Whether you want to copy popular celebrities or simply want to stand out with a bold choice or blend in, these are what hairstylists have stated are the most popular colors for the fall of 2020.

Surprisingly, even though this may seem like more of a summer color, light or platinum blonde is trickling into the autumn season. Even more popular with this color includes leaving darker roots, or lots of highlights. A cause for the increasingly popular “chunky highlight” look may be a result of singer Beyoncé, who recently posted a picture on her Instagram of a rich brown fall color with brighter blonde highlights.

A second big color for this season is cherry red. Reds look great on people of any skin tone, and are a vibrant hue that’s sure to stand out! Reds are a good choice for fall colors too; when leaves are turning red, why not make your hair the same? This cherry red can also be found in the form of the now-popular highlighting trend and looks fabulous against dark hair.

Not into highlighting but still interested in partaking in the fall 2020 hair trends? Shadow roots are also very in. A shadow root is typically a style in which a person dyes their hair a lighter shade like a bleached blonde or light brown and either dyeing or keeping the roots of your hair dark brown. Shadow roots are also a great idea for the person that hates dyeing their hair frequently, especially since it’s currently in fashion.

Of course, the perfect look is different on each individual person. Stylists also say that as we come out of quarantine and want to change our everyday looks up, women have been going even so bold as to make their hair a soft pink, or even subtle Halloween colors like light orange. With Halloween quickly approaching, you might even want to change your look early according to a Halloween costume you had in mind.

This year, natural colors don’t seem to be very in, evident in the most sought-after season’s colors. While some people do like to add in a dark color to roots but leave their tips subtly pink, others are so ready to express themselves that they will choose a very vibrant color. This season, if you’re interested in following along with trendsetters but still seek something unique, give the highlighting or shadow root fads a try!

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