As fashion hair colors such as pink, blue, or purple become trendier, bleach is a quick way to switch between hues and is constantly increasing in popularity. However, the product may do its job a bit too well, especially for consistent users or those with thin hair. Bleach can be incredibly damaging to hair strands as it contains hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, both of which may contribute to dry and brittle hair if done incorrectly.

When hair is bleached, it may cause hair to fall out because it sucks the moisture from your scalp. When your hair strands and scalp become too dry, hair can fall out or even break. You may also expect a lot of split ends. If you are still considering bleaching your hair, take the following into consideration.

Although it is not guaranteed that your hair will break off or fall out, there is still a possibility, especially during at-home bleach and dye jobs where chemicals may not be mixed correctly. This can be combatted by going to a professional for help, as they have more tools and experience with the proper ratio of bleach chemicals to make it as safe as possible. A hairstylist can also assess your hair to see if bleaching is right for you. If you have very damaged and/or fine hair, they may recommend waiting to bleach your hair.  

Before bleaching, hairdressers recommend that you condition your hair well a few days prior to the bleaching, and maintain a good conditioning routine. One of the common causes of hair breakage and loss comes from a lack of proper after care. Basically, if products like curling irons or blow dryers are used with too much heat or too frequently, the risks of your hair getting damaged further greatly increases. You’ll want to avoid products that may cause too much heat and refrain from brushing your hair too roughly before and after you bleach your hair.

Proper aftercare may include washing your hair less so it does not require as much styling, using conditioners, and using a purple shampoo to keep the blonde tones looking fresh after your bleach.

Another way to help reduce your risk of hair loss is to just minimize the number of times you get bleach done, whether at home or by a professional. When not done often, bleaching can be much safer and reduce your risks of hair loss. So, that awesome platinum blond or bright pink hair you wanted is doable, but make sure to take into consideration the risks and potential damage bleach will cause to your hair.

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