Sometimes a change in diet and using products just isn’t enough to make a change in your hair. Whether you are looking to grow your hair, prevent hair loss, or just have healthier hair, certain vitamins can help you achieve this. A wide variety of vitamins catering specifically towards hair can be found conveniently at a local drugstore.

Fatty acids and vitamins A and C are a couple of the ingredients that can be found in most supplements to promote the overall health of your locks. These specifically are also important aspects of a hair-healthy diet and will add to the strength and shine in your hair as it grows. Vitamin A also has the added bonus of keeping your scalp hydrated, so when taking a supplement containing it, you may have a decrease in itchiness or flakiness of the scalp.

Different vitamins are required for individual problems, though. Check to see what you may have a deficiency of first. To explain further, hair vitamins typically contain vitamin A because hair loss comes from a lack of either A or E. Another sign of this would be redness or in worse cases, skin conditions like eczema. Picking a vitamin for your hair is dependent on a few different factors. See if there’s any specific vitamin you may be lacking, hence the cause for a hair loss problem, before choosing the right vitamin for you. You may need to visit your doctor to find out what vitamins you are lacking in your diet.

So, basically, as long as you’re aware of the biggest causes of hair loss in terms of medical conditions and potential dietary deficiencies, picking a vitamin to focus on can be made much simpler. Just look for supplements or foods with higher amounts of vitamins A and E, or plenty of biotin and fatty acids. Change in your consumption may lead to you enjoying healthier, more luxurious hair!

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