As the women’s hair growth experts, hair loss in women is our focus every day. However, August marks National Hair Loss Awareness Month. The month in which we try to emphasize the problem many men and women face, but we also emphasize the solutions and remedies that are available. The fact is, 1 in every 3 women suffer from hair loss. However, the majority do not realize that they can possibly stop their hair loss and get the thicker, fuller, youthful hair they’ve once had. If you or a loved one have experienced or is experiencing hair loss, it can be an emotional and frustrating journey. During the month of August (and every month), let’s make a conscious effort to support each other and build each other up. It starts with empathy and knowledge. We can’t deny the fact that when our hair is looking and feeling great, we are that much more confident. Keranique is going to continue to empower, educate and champion women, to remove the stigma surrounding hair loss, and to celebrate self-esteem driven beauty.

Hair loss affects women of all ages, but is most prevalent in older, mature women. Women lose hair differently than men; we lose it diffusely. Whereas men tend to develop a receding hairline and bald spots, women typically experience a general thinning, which affects the overall volume of hair. In women, the early signs of hair loss may be a widening of the part line, or the perception that the hair does not feel as thick as it previously was. The scalp may be visible, however there is typically no recession of the hairline. The issues that the differential, between the way men and women lose hair, poses are substantial. When men begin to lose hair, it is obvious, and they can both recognize the loss and then begin to treat it. Because women lose hair diffusely, it takes far longer to identify and so women lose more hair (perhaps 50% or more) before they recognize the loss as such. It’s important to begin to treat hair loss at its earliest signs. Being educated on the signs of hair loss and the treatment options is key to success.

Let’s look at the several different causes of hair loss.

The most common cause of hair loss is genetics. Yes, you read that correctly. Hair loss can be genetic. Take a second and think about the members of your family. If there are members in your family who have experienced hair loss in any way, you may be at risk. The good news is, if your hair loss is simply genetic and not caused by any medical condition, there is an adequate solution. Your best bet is to use products specifically formulated to help prevent and treat hair loss. One system we highly recommend is our very own Keranique Hair Regrowth System. This four-step, comprehensive hair regrowth system was developed exclusively for women experiencing thinning hair or hair loss. It is a clinically proven, restorative, therapeutic hair loss system that helps cleanse, condition, regrow, repair, protect, strengthen, thicken, and add volume & density to all hair types. Hair is lost at two places; at the follicle and along the shaft and Keranique’s Hair Regrowth System both regrows hair at the root by reactivating the follicle to stimulate regrowth and then repairs, strengthens and protects thinning, weakened fiber and new, healthy growth to fortify hair. It allows you to improve the quality & condition of hair and allows you to keep the hair you have.

Hair loss could also be related to a medical condition or hormonal changes. Generally, if your hair loss is tied to one of these causes, it will be temporary. Pregnancy and childbirth, menopause, and thyroid problems can all cause temporary hair loss. Other conditions such as ringworm or alopecia areata1 can cause your hair to fall out too. If you are concerned that your hair loss could be caused by your hormones or a medical condition, please see a medical professional.

Also, certain medications or supplements can be the culprit. If you have cancer and are going through chemotherapy, one of the side effects is hair loss. Talk to your doctor about how to lessen these effects.

Stress is another reason that your hair could fall out. If your doctor believes that your hair loss is due to stress, work on ways to relieve stress and feel better. You may want to include more stress-relieving activities in your routine, say no to certain commitments, or start talking to a therapist. A change in lifestyle can also help to reduce stress. Being more active, participating in enjoyable hobbies, and even eating better, are all ways to reduce stress.

Another reason for hair loss could be your hair care routine. If you frequently use products with high heat on your hair, wear tight hairstyles, or use chemical or harsh treatments, it could cause your hair to fall out.

As you work to find out the true cause of your hair loss, it’s important be gentle with your hair. Be patient.

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