Have you ever wanted your hair to look shinier? Of course, you have! All of us want to have shiny and healthy-looking hair. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to actually achieve it on a regular basis. Factors such as pollution in the air, products and even hot style tools can all decrease the shine in your hair. Fortunately, there are things that you can control that can help you increase your chances of healthier, shiner hair.

Here are some ways to establish the look you want to achieve:

  1. Get rid of buildup in your hair. If you have a lot of buildup from products, it can make your hair look dull. Use a clarifying shampoo or an apple cider vinegar rinse about once a week to get rid of excess buildup. These products are also known to increase shine in your hair. Be sure to rinse with cold water too!
  2. Use a spray or oil that can increase shine in an instant. After styling your hair, use a product that promises shine for an easy fix.
  3. If you have a little extra time, give your scalp some TLC and massage it with vitamin E oil. Vitamin E is great for hydrating your hair, increasing hair growth, and giving it a little extra shine.
  4. If you are already heading to the salon for a cut or color, ask your hairstylist about a hair gloss treatment. It can instantly boost shine for weeks and make your hair look and feel softer and healthier.
  5. Switch to a boar bristle brush. 100% wild boar hair brushes are said to help release natural oils from your hair which will increase shine.
  6. Swap your pillowcase to a silk pillowcase. Many people swear by silk pillowcases for shiny and frizz-free hair. It can also just feel luxurious to sleep on!
  7. If you absolutely have to use a hot tool to style your hair, don’t forget to protect your strands with a heat protectant spray.
  8. If your hair is feeling dry and damaged, use a hair mask or leave-in conditioner to help increase the moisture in your hair. When your hair is hydrating and healthy, it generally looks shinier! Don’t forget to drink a lot of water. When your body is hydrated, your hair is more hydrated as well.

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