The Fourth of July is almost here! You might have plans to go on a boat, watch fireworks, have a BBQ, or have a party. Even if you just plan to relax at home, you might want an easy but cute hairstyle for the summer holiday. Here are some ideas:

  1. If the weather is really hot, you’ll want to keep your hair out of your face and off your neck. Try a bun! If you’re feeling extra patriotic, you can tie red, white, and blue ribbons through the bun. You could also stick a small flag in your bun!
  2. Another way to add colored ribbons in your hair is to thread them in braids. Side braids look adorable and also keep the hair out of your way while you have fun all day.
  3. If you’re feeling really bold, you could dye your hair a fun color. There are so many sprays, gels, and creams that give you a bright color and will wash out in one or several shampoos. If you have light blonde or white hair, try putting red then blue dye at the end of your hair. You can also use hair chalk that will wash out easily.
  4. Wear a bandana or headband. This will also keep the hair out of your eyes and you can add some fashion to your look.
  5. If you have short hair and can’t put it in a bun or ponytail, let it dry naturally. Use a sea salt spray to get beachy waves. The messy look is in so even if the wind blows your hair around, it will still look really cute!
  6. Make your own patriotic hair pins. You can paint bobby pins so that when you arrange them in a certain way, they look like a flag! There are tutorials on Pinterest, but you will need red, white, and blue paint. Be sure to let dry before you put in your hair!
  7. Braid your hair into a star. This may require some help, but basically, you take several braids and arrange them into a star on the back of your head. Very cute for kids too!

How do you plan to wear your hair for 4th of July? What are your plans for the holiday this year? If you enjoyed this article, please SHARE with your friends and family who are hoping to change up their look for the holiday!

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