“I can only encourage everyone to take a closer look at their practices. Prevention is always better than cure.” – Neelie Kroes


Prevention is always better than cure. This notion applies to almost everything, including and perhaps especially to hair loss. So many of us

(myself included), wait until we are faced with the problem, spend additional time unsure if we are experiencing hair loss, and then finally

seek a solution. For women this approach has its disadvantages; we typically lose hair diffusely, meaning, we loss it across a larger area

than men, so our hair loss isn’t as noticeable or detectable at first. You might say “great for us”, and yes while that may be true in part,

it’s also important to note that by addressing hair loss sooner, rather than later, you may optimize hair regrowth results!


Let’s think a bit differently. Why would you wait to experience hair loss? What are you doing to prevent hair loss? Do you use harsh shampoos?

Do you use conditioners that strengthen and support hair growth? Do you use Hair & Scalp supplements that promote growth and

nourish the follicle? Do you use treatments that not only fortify the hair fiber, but also strengthen and support the hair follicle, the source of

your hair growth?  Your scalp is skin and it’s about time that we start caring for it like the skin it is, to maintain healthy, long-term growth!


The KERANIQUE Hair Care Range of Products

 Keranique, the #1 Hair Regrowth Brand for Women in America, features the Hair Regrowth Treatment, FDA-approved and clinically shown to

regrow hair, and it also has developed a whole range of formulas that fortify, nourish, strengthen and protect the hair and scalp, to help prevent loss,

including loss due to breakage. It’s infused with Keratin Amino Complex to help strengthen and support your hair as it grows!


Keratin Amino Complex:

Thickens each hair shaft

Repairs the protective outer surface layer of hair

Penetrates the fiber and bonds with it to reinforce and reduce loss due to breakage


Granddaughter telling grandmother a secret about hair loss prevention



Would she tell a younger you that you did all you could to prevent hair loss?

When we face hair loss it’s a comfort to know that there are effective and proven solutions. However, at Keranique we want you to consider

what you can do proactively before you experience loss, and are happy to offer products that help you maintain your hair’s natural fullness and beauty

regardless of your stage of growth!


This month, you can find our preventative hair and scalp solutions on an endcap at Ulta!

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