Many of us plan our trips to the hair salon just before a holiday, or when our hair is really looking rough, but how often should we really be heading into the salon? That all can depend on the style of hair that you have, what color treatment you do, and how much damage your hair has. If you are curious about whether you are going to the salon too often or not often enough, we discuss.

For Cuts

According to Insider, when you have long hair it is recommended that you get it trimmed more often than many would expect, which is every eight weeks. Those with longer hair have the tendency to wait longer in between washes and cause more stress on the hair by frequently tying it up and styling it regularly. However, those with short hair still need to schedule a trim every four to six weeks if they want their short hairstyle to keep looking its best. For those with textured and curly hair, they can push their appointments back to twelve weeks! The natural oils in these hair types travel down the strands keeping the hair follicle stronger. Cuts are important to keep your hair looking and feeling its best, but how often should you be stopping in for a hair coloring?

For Coloring

Adding color to your hair can give you the change you were looking for in your overall look. How often you should be heading back to the salon to touch up your color depends on the type of color product used and the style in which it was colored. If you are looking to get a root touch up, your root color may start to pop back out around the four-week mark, making it the best time to head back to the salon. Getting highlights gives you more time in-between color treatments as you only need to maintain them every three or four months. If you have noticed hair damage resulting from color treatments and want to reduce the amount of times you dye your hair, try the Keranique Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo Color Boost. This shampoo is formulated to deliver strand-saving protection and expert care for those with color-treated hair, which includes the reduction of color loss and color fade.

Every hair type and hair color are different, and the condition of the hair depends on heat tools and styles that are done to it. To get the best advice on how often you should be heading into the salon, consult your stylist!

This article is not intended to treat any disease or offer a substitution for professional medical advice.

4 thoughts on “How Often Should You Be Going to the Hair Salon?

  1. Patricia A. Etheridge says:

    I have thin, dull, brittle, lifeless hair. I’ve tried everything on the shelves in the store to try to restore moisture body and bounce. I’ve even tried hair vitamins. Every time I brush my hair I will pull handfuls Out of my hairbrush. Help

    • Keranique Hair says:

      Hi Patricia, thank you for reaching out. Our Hair Regrowth System for Women is a four piece kit that merges the science of a clinically proven hair regrowth treatment with true premium hair care for thicker, fuller, healthier-looking hair. Our system follows a simple three step process: 1) Cleanse & Condition with the Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner, 2) Treat areas where your hair is thinning with the Hair Regrowth Treatment, and 3) Protect & Style with the clinically proven Lift and Repair Treatment Spray. Our award winning system has clinically proven results and we know you’ll love it, but we recognize that everyone is different and have different expectations which is why we stand behind it with a 120 day money back guarantee. You can see more here:
      Thank you

    • Keranique Hair says:

      Hi Rochelle, you can continue to wash your hair as often as you do normally using Keranique shampoos and conditioners. Just remember to see the best results with our Regrowth Treatment, you need to apply the minoxidil directly onto the scalp in problem areas twice a day, morning and night, on dry or damp towel dried hair.
      Thank you for your question

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