How to Care for Colored HairIt’s true, coloring your hair is exciting and fun! If you are dyeing your hair for the first time you may not be aware of the basic maintenance that follows. Or maybe you have had your hair colored several times, but just haven’t researched pointers to make your color last longer. Either way, this advice is geared toward you. So, how do you go about caring for your new color and making it last as long as possible?


Here are some helpful tips to keep your hair healthy and make your color last longer:


  1. If you can, wash your hair less often. Every time that you wash, you lose a little bit of color. You also lose natural oils that help to condition your color-treated hair. So, washing your hair every other day or a few times a week instead of every single day can help your color last longer and maintain healthier hair. As a supplement, dry shampoo that is designed for colored hair can help you get through days without washing. There are even some dry shampoos that match your color!
  2. Wait to wash after getting your hair colored. If possible, wait 48-72 hours after getting your hair dyed to improve color retention.
  3. Use warm or cool water to wash your hair. Using hot water can strip the color out of your hair and allow the dye to be lost and color to fade faster.
  4. Use color-protecting products to ensure that the color lasts as long as possible. Some shampoos and conditioners are specifically made for shades and colors of hair. Further, look for sulfate-free products.
  5. Condition your hair every time that you wash to maintain hydration and keep hair healthy. Also, consider using a hydrating mask on your hair regularly to maintain hydration and health.
  6. Avoid over-styling hair. The heat from using curlers, straighteners, or dryers too often can affect the moisture in your hair, making it less healthy. Consider air-drying as much as possible or at least avoid hot styling tools for about a week after dyeing.
  7. Be smart when exposing your hair to chlorine. Either wear a swim cap, avoid getting your hair wet, or swim with conditioner in your hair. The conditioner creates a protective barrier to spare your hair from the effect of chlorine on the color.
  8. Opt to wear a hat for a couple of days after dying your hair to avoid initial fading or use a UV protective spray.


Did you learn anything new from this article? Which tips are you most likely to put into practice?


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