How to Protect Your Hair from the SunBelieve it or not, your hair can become damaged from the sun. But you can’t exactly slather on sunscreen to protect your hair. It doesn’t technically burn, but your scalp can! However, UV rays do damage your hair and can leave your tresses dry and frizzy.

First things first, look for a UV protectant spray that you can leave in your hair. It helps to protect your scalp and hair and most are pretty lightweight. If you are planning to be outdoors for a long period of time, it is best to wear a hat or cover up your hair with a scarf.

Many leave-in conditioners also contain SPF, so apply before you go swimming. Not only will this protect your hair, but it will help keep your hair smooth and soft.

If your hair is feeling dry, try a hair mask. There are many that you can make yourself with ingredients in your kitchen or you can purchase one. In the summer, you may want to use a hair mask weekly to make sure your hair stays moisturized.

Cut back on washing your hair. If you generally wash your hair every day, try washing every other day. Use dry shampoo in between if your hair gets greasy very easily. Your hair naturally produces oil, which protects your hair from the sun. If you strip your hair of those natural oils, it can become damaged much faster. Don’t forget to use conditioner every time you wash too!

Did you know that your hair is affected by the sun just like your skin? Protect your hair and skin this summer with these tips!

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