Tips for Summer Hair CareIn every season, there are different factors that affect your hair. In the summer, you have to worry about frizz, sun damage, dry hair, and more. If you are a regular swimmer, you may have to worry about damage from saltwater or chlorine as well.

But, if you stay prepared and arm yourself with tools to protect your hair, you won’t even be bothered by the change in weather. At least, your hair won’t be! First, you should get a trim. Refresh your hair for the summer by getting rid of split ends and then get another cut every 4-6 weeks to keep your hair fresh. Now is the time to shake things up and change up your hair color too if you’d like! But a simple trim can keep your hair healthy.

Grab a hair care product that contains UV filters. These products help protect your hair from the sun and you can find them in a spray, gel, or cream. You can also simply wear a hat or a scarf to protect your scalp and hair from sun damage. Remember that you can develop skin cancer on areas you may forget to protect such as your scalp.

Put in a leave-in conditioner before you go swimming. This will help your hair not absorb saltwater or pool chemicals. It will also help keep your hair soft and smooth. You should also rinse your hair after you go swimming. If your hair gets dry and damaged in the summer, you should switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and use a deep conditioner weekly.

Give the hot tools a break. Using hot tools will only create more dry and damaged strands. Let your hair air dry and try going for a nice beachy wave. If you tend to get frizzy hair, use an anti-frizz serum to keep the frizz under control.

What is your number one summer hair concern? Which tip will you try first?

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