How to Grow Long Hair at a Faster RateIf you crave long locks but don’t have the money to spend on hair extensions, what can you do? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to help your hair grow Rapunzel long in no time. Keep in mind that everyone’s hair grows differently based on many factors including genetics, diet, and hair type. The average amount that hair grows is six inches per year. If you want to speed that up a bit, try these suggestions:

  1. Try taking supplements. There are now plenty of vitamins you can take that promise healthy hair and nails or hair growth. Look for supplements and vitamins that include Biotin, B vitamins, and Niacin. Be sure to take your multi-vitamins too or get enough nutrients in your everyday diet.
  2. Eat healthy. You should take vitamins and supplements, but you also need to make sure you are eating a healthy diet or it could stall your hair’s growth. Eat lots of foods with protein and iron and eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and healthy whole grains. Avoid too much sugar and unhealthy fats and carbs.
  3. When you wash your hair, make sure you give it a nice massage. Massage your scalp while you wash your hair or simply massage it when you are relaxing in the evening. It helps stimulate blood flow which can stimulate hair’s growth. To speed up this process even more, try massaging your hair with a warm oil like coconut or olive oil. This can also help deep condition your hair, which can make it healthier and grow quicker.
  4. Get a trim every six weeks or so. It may seem counterproductive to cut your hair when you are trying to grow it out, but damaged hair doesn’t grow. If you have damage or split ends, this could be stalling your hairs’ growth as well.
  5. You can also prevent damage by using a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner if you regularly dye your hair, being careful when you brush your hair, staying away from hot styling tools or using a heat protective spray and using hair masks.
  6. Speaking of using hair masks, make a hair mask or buy one that will help strengthen your hair and help it grow. If you want to make one yourself, try this DIY recipe. Mix one egg yolk, a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil and one tablespoon of vodka. Massage in your hair and leave in for about thirty minutes. Then wash and condition as normal. Try using about once a week.

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