Colored hair is more common than natural hair now-a-days, it seems. With so many women coloring their hair, it’s unfortunate that the options for great hair care are so limited. Many shampoos are too harsh and wash color away. With that in mind, Keranique created a full line of products to cater to those who have color-treated hair. Changing your hair color is a fun way to change your appearance and boost your confidence. Some women do it as often as every 2 months!

Hair Coloring Process

Though new hair colors are fun and exciting, the process can be damaging to your hair if you aren’t taking proper precautions to protect those colorful locks. During the coloring process, the chemicals in the hair dye often break the bonds inside the fiber of your hair and the outer layer, known as the hair cuticle, can also be damaged. With this knowledge, Keranique has created Color Boost Shampoo and Conditioner that not only repairs your hair strands, but protects them from future damage by repairing and nourishing the hair fibers, follicles and even your scalp.

Protecting Your Color

Another concern for color-treated hair is the amount of time the color stays vibrant and strong. Keranique’s Color Boost Shampoo and Conditioner was developed to help reduce color washout and fade. The vibrancy and life of your hair color is extended when using these products. Say goodbye to dry, broken, and dead hair, and say hello to soft, shiny, and healthy hair that’s full of color. Maintaining your color-treated hair is important not only for your hair’s health, but also to have you feeling your best.

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