Fun Halloween Hair Ideas

Makeup and costumes can be fun on Halloween, but it can also be awesome to dress up your hair as well! Now is the time to experiment with different colors, styles, and props. Go crazy and have fun! Whether you are doing your own hair for a costume party or making your child or grandchild’s hair festive, here are some tips for fun Halloween hair:

  1. Transform into Medusa. Put your hair up and put fake snakes throughout your hair to transform into this scary, but kind of fabulous looking character.
  2. Experiment with different washable hair colors or wigs. You can become a character from a movie, a unicorn or mermaid, or anything your heart desires.
  3. Work with what you have. For example, if you already have deep black hair, put it in pigtail braids and go as Wednesday Addams. If you are a true blonde, go as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. If you are a redhead, become Lucy from I Love Lucy or Daphne from Scooby Doo.
  4. Change your hair to look like something else. You can put it up to create cat ears or devil horns so no props are necessary.
  5. If you have bronzed locks and can tease and curl your hair like no one else, rock it and become a lion with a beautiful lions’ mane.
  6. If you like being old school, put your hair into a classic style and become Marie Antoinette, a Queen or someone from the past.
  7. Become a bird lady. Wrap your hair into braids around your head to look like a nest and put birds and eggs inside.
  8. Rock the side buns and become the iconic Princess Leia from Star Wars.

Will you change up your hair for your Halloween costume this year? What do you think you will do? Did anything on this list inspire you?

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