If you struggle with greasy hair, or are simply in the habit of shampooing everyday, here is your sign to hit the pause button on frequently shampooing your hair. You might actually be making your hair produce more sebum to compensate, which is the culprit of your problems. Women who lead an active lifestyle should also try to avoid the daily shampoo–a little sweat can be rinsed out in a quick shower. If you have tight curls, the thought of daily shampooing may seem foreign to you, which means you’re one step ahead of the game! Here’s why you shouldn’t shampoo your hair everyday:


Prevent Breakage & Split Ends

Because shampoo’s job is to strip your hair of oil and dirt, some shampoos can leave your hair barren. Shampoos often contain sulfates, because they do a great job of de-greasing, but in the long run can be very damaging. By enabling your hair to build up a bit of its natural oils, you may start to notice stronger hair with fewer split ends over time. For women with thin hair, it might take longer than you’d prefer for your hair to find a new balance from not being washed every day. Try using a volumizing dry shampoo for thin hair on your off days.


Maintain Color

If you color your hair you know how frustrating it is to see your perfect hue wash down the drain. Skipping the daily shampoo can not only help to keep colored hair healthy, but also help maintain that color for longer. Keranique’s shampoo for color-treated hair is formulated for gentle cleansing on thinning hair, while also reducing color loss. This Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo Color Boost is sulfate and paraben free.


Healthier Scalp

A healthier scalp is the foundation for healthier hair. Over drying from harsh shampoos often leads to dandruff, so cutting down on the frequency of your shampoo regimen could help your scalp stay hydrated by its own natural sebum. Of course, if your scalp is extremely oily to the point that you’ve considered visiting, or have visited a medical professional, it is important to follow their personalized advice according to what your scalp needs.

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