Do you ever find yourself fixated on those tiny split ends at the end of your hair? Split ends are frustrating, because as tiny as they may be, they can make your hair appear dull and unhealthy. Growing your hair out is impossible when split ends keep rearing their ugly heads.

What Causes Split Ends?

The outer layer of your hair, the cuticle, is susceptible to damage from a variety of factors. If it becomes damaged, it is prone to breakage and splits. Damage is mainly caused by a lack of hydration, which can be the result of chemical treatments, hot tools, genetics or over washing. Hair is especially prone to damage if you tug at your hair while trying to brush it out.

How to Avoid Split Ends

Now that you know what causes split ends, pump the brakes on whatever you think is causing your split ends. Give your hair some time off from dying, and use your blow dryer less frequently. Washing your hair every other day, using a dry shampoo in between washes if necessary can offer great benefits as well.

How to Fix Split Ends

Fixing split ends once you have them may be more difficult–getting a trim is your best bet to getting rid of those split ends. However, using nourishing products can help mend your split ends. The Keranique Replenishing Keratin Conditioner is formulated to fortify dry hair. This product is great for those with split ends because it goes beyond the cuticle to strengthen and hydrate; it actually protects the keratin fiber in your hair. You can further hydrate your hair with natural hair masks using oils, such as coconut and olive oil.

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