No matter what hair type or style you have, curling your hair is a great way to look polished and beautiful. If you don’t have natural curls, there are many different, and easy ways to curl your hair. Remember, often curls look best when created with dirty hair, so you finally have a good excuse to skip a shampoo! Here are some of the best and easy tips for creating curls:

  1. If you want curls without using any hot tools, try a sock bun. Go to bed with a sock bun in or simply twirl sections of your hair into buns. When you wake up, you should have flowing, beautiful curls!1 How easy is that?
  2. If you want to curl your hair as quickly as possible with a curling iron, separate your hair into a few ponytails. Then curl each section and let down your hair when you are finished.1 Finish with hairspray to ensure your curls stay put.
  3. If you don’t like messing around with curling irons, but your hair doesn’t naturally curl right when you leave it in buns, try flexible rollers.1 You can buy these at any beauty supply store and they are relatively inexpensive. Place the rollers into damp, freshly washed hair and sleep in them. When you wake up, take them out and see bouncy curls. If you don’t have time to wash your hair first, try using our Invisible Dry Shampoo.
  4. If you have a hair straightener, you can also use it to curl your hair! Simply wrap your hair around the plate and twist the straightener to create waves or curls, depending on how tight you twist it.1
  5. If you want to create looser, beachy waves instead of curls, you can achieve this look with a curling wand or hair straightener as well.1
  6. If you are unsure of how to use a hair straightener or curling wand, look up videos on Youtube to help you learn and practice.

Do you love or hate the curly hair look? What is your favorite way to curl your hair? Share your curly hair secrets with us!  

1 – Information from Good Housekeeping

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