Thin hair doesn’t have to look flat! Getting a fresh cut that works for your lifestyle (don’t go too short if you like pulling it back!) can really help make your hair appear full of volume. Trimming those split ends will also help revitalize the hair shafts for a fresh start. Here are some haircuts that can actually help your hair appear thicker:

Front Layers

This look is great for those who want to maintain their length but still get a trim. To get this look your hairstylist will frame your face by cutting the hair cascading down from your chin. The added texture in front of your hair creates the illusion that there’s more hair than there actually is.

Wavy Lob

Not quite a bob, not quite shoulder length, the lob is the perfect in-between. Taking a bit of weight off the bottom can help give your hair some extra bounce, especially for women with wavy or curly hair. Adding some light product in your hair will give it some much needed volume as well.

Layered Pixie

A pixie cut is a commitment, but it’s a great style for women with thin hair. Shorter hair retains volumizing products as gravity isn’t working as hard against it. Add some mousse for a tousled look.

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