You may not think your pillowcase can really affect your hair while you sleep, but it may actually be stealing the moisture you want to keep your hair hydrated. Though 100% cotton pillowcases are widely used, cotton is very good at absorbing moisture, even from your hair and skin. These pillowcases also cause a lot of friction which can cause dry, brittle hair to break.

The solution? The Satin, Sateen, or Silk pillowcase.

These slick surfaces are more forgiving to your hair and won’t tangle your locks while you sleep. All hair types can benefit from this overnight hair haven, and you may start seeing results quickly. Many women swear by it to reduce frizz for healthy looking hair.

Brittle, tangled hair is a combination that can lead to a faster rate of hair loss. If you suffer from thinning hair, changing your pillowcase may help keep hair hydrated and happy, leading to thicker, fuller hair.


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