With chilly weather comes the mysterious winter frizz–one would think that a lack of humidity would prohibit frizz, but the opposite happens to be true. Dry heat indoors and a drier atmosphere during winter months causes your hair to dry out as well, and dry hair leads to breakage and frizz. Here are ways to reduce the winter frizz:

Deep Condition

Doing a hair mask can improve your hair’s texture through deep conditioning, The Keranique Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Revitalizing Mask nourishes each strand of hair to help you grow your hair longer and stronger. You can also see if using natural deep conditioners help to hydrate your hair, like an olive oil mask or even coconut oil.

Air Dry Whenever Possible

Using heat to tame your hair in the winter may seem functional because you don’t want to go outside with wet hair, but it can also be very damaging. If you can, let your hair air dry for as long as you can before using the blow-dryer and flatiron. Always use protecting serums when using these types of tools which can help keep your hair hydrated.

Shampoo Less

Shampoo strips your hair of its natural oil. These oils hydrate your hair and scalp naturally. Try skipping a wash or two, depending on your hair type. Curly hair can typically go longer without being washed, while straight hair can often appear greasy after a single day. If your hair gets too oily at the roots, remember to include daily brushing into your routine and try the Keranique Volume Boost Invisible Dry Shampoo for thicker hair.

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