Temporary and bright colored hair dyes are all the rage right now. Have you ever tried a bright colored hue in your hair? There are so many ways to dye your hair a temporary color at home to save money and a little bit of time (sitting in the salon can take hours!). Here’s how:

  1. Don’t forget to test it! First, do a skin allergy test 48 hours before you plan to color, especially if you are prone to allergic reactions. To test it on your skin safely, clean a small space of your inner elbow with soap and water and dab dry. Apply a tiny amount of a mixture of activating cream and color cream to your inner elbow. Let it sit for 48 hours and keep an eye out for any allergic reactions. If it swells, itches, burns or becomes red and irritated, don’t color your hair because it will likely irritate your scalp too.
  2. You can also test the color on your hair to see if you really want the color. Apply to a small section of hair that can be hidden and see if you really love the color on your specific hair and skin color.
  3. If you’re having a hard time choosing a color, try picking one that complements your skin tone. Look at the inner part of your wrist and see the color of your veins. If your veins are blue or purple, you want to try a warm or golden shade. If your veins appear green, try a cool or ash shade. If you can’t really tell what color your veins are, almost anything will look good on you.
  4. Prepare your hair for color. Color works best if you apply it to unwashed hair, so don’t wash for at least 24 hours before you want to color your hair. Remember to also avoid washing with shampoo 24 hours after coloring (the box may come with a conditioner or ask you to simply rinse out the color when you’re done).
  5. When you apply the color to your hair, depending on the color, you might need to bleach it first to get the desired hue. If you are not sure how to apply hair color, especially bleach, you might want to enlist help or see a professional. Once you’ve tested and prepped your hair, you’ll want to create different sections to apply the color o. How many sections you need will depend on how much hair you have and how thick or thin your hair is. The recommended amount of sections is usually four. Apply color to the roots first and pull through the ends. Then leave the color on for the time it says in the instructions (timing can vary, especially based on your desired color outcome) and then rinse with cool water until the water runs clear. Some packages come with a conditioner to use as well.
  6. To make it last, avoid the sun, harsh shampoos and styling products (switch to color-treated products), warm water and too much heat. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to prevent damage.

Have you ever colored your hair using temporary dyes at home? What color is your favorite? Share with us your tips and tricks!

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