Everyone’s hair is different and will, of course, air dry differently. However, there are many ways you can air dry your hair to look fabulous and save a ton of time and energy. Here are a few ways to air dry your hair for a few different looks:

For big beachy waves:

Add a palm sized amount of mousse to damp hair. Then put your hair in a big loose braid. Twist and clip up the braid into a bun to give your hair more body. When you take out the braid, you’ll be left with voluminous waves.

Low key waves:

If you aren’t into too much volume in your hair, add mousse but put your hair into two loose braids instead. Then shake them out after an hour and you have pretty waves that are much flatter than the first version. If you have thin hair, try our Thickening and Texturizing Mousse.

Soft spirals:

If your hair is naturally curly, towel dry and then add a dime sized amount of curl defining cream from root to tip. If you want more defined curls, scrunch your hair or twist sections up overnight. If not, leave them as is and wait for pretty, soft curls.

Gentle curves:

If you want soft waves that frame your hair, tuck your hair behind your ears when it is still wet and clip a barrette above each ear to exaggerate the bend.

Waves for really thick hair:

If your hair is very thick, twist your damp hair into buns before bed. Four buns usually do the trick to get pretty, face framed waves. To avoid the dents that bobby pins can sometimes do, try U-shaped pins to hold your buns in place. You can also try four braids instead of buns for beachier waves.

Whether you have curly, straight, wavy, thin or thick hair, there is an air-dry hairstyle that can work for you! You might have to experiment with different products and techniques, but it will be worth it once you figure out a way to avoid using a hair dryer and styling tools all the time. Your hair will thank you too!

What type of hair do you have? Do you ever air dry your hair? If so, what techniques do you use? Share with us!

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