Fact or Fiction? Sometimes it’s hard to tell what is real and what’s an old wives tale that has been passed along for years. When these myths start to sound like fact, it can be really frustrating and sometimes scary. When dealing with hair loss, we just want the facts!

Hair loss problem

Here is a list of myths that you no longer have to be duped by:

  • Genes for hair loss come only from the mother’s side of the familyThough the mother’s gene pool is a little stronger, hair loss comes from both sides of the family and sometimes is from a combination of the two.
  • Hair loss is caused by decreased blood flow to the scalp.A decrease in blood circulation in the scalp is a result – not a cause – of hair loss. With less hair and hair follicles, there is less blood flow needed.
  • Wearing a hat will make you go bald.If you’re worried that your cap is making your hair thin or fall out due to lack of air circulation, rest easy: hair follicles get their oxygen from our blood stream, not from the air.
  • Hair loss stops when you get older.Once hair starts to thin and fall out, it will continue to do so over the years. The rate of hair loss, however, depends on the individual.
  • White hair doesn’t fall out.When our hair starts to gray and whiten, it’s due to a loss of pigmentation and is not related to hair loss.
  • Fistfuls of hair falling out is a sure sign of genetic baldness.Genetic hair loss is a slow process: if your hair is falling out in large quantities, you should speak with your doctor right away.
  • Hair loss is caused by clogged pores.Sadly, not true, or we could easily remedy baldness with deep scrubbing.
  • Frequent shampooing causes hair to fall out.It’s not the cause, but it’s easier to see the hair in the drain and think this is a result of too much shampooing.

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