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The dress is fitted, the shoes are bought, the venue is booked, but you still can’t figure out the perfect hairstyle for the big day? You aren’t the only one with this problem! You’d be surprised by the number of brides who get cold feet about committing to their bridal hairstyle. Do you go for something that emulates your everyday style, try out a new daring trend, or go all the way glam? Fortunately, the talented hair stylists of Bridal Fashion Week showcased a number of gorgeous trends for 2016, so whether you’re you go bold or basic, you’ll be sure to be eye catching.

Windswept Hair

We’ve seen this look on the red carpet worn by the hottest celebrities like Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson. This look features a loose up do with hair swept off the face in tousled waves. While the windswept hair style looks effortless, don’t be fooled. To achieve this soft, romantic look, a hair stylist takes a lot of time, and a few pins and products, to get every hair in just the perfect place.

The volume created on the top means it’s great for round and oval face shapes. It’s also ideal if you want to wear your veil further back. This sweet style is paired well with a hair vine woven in the waves for extra bling, or a flower. If you prefer a classic, vintage style, then this may be just the look for you.

Mermaid Wave

Retro Hollywood waves have been a popular choice for brides over the last couple years, but this year the runways featured a new spin on the old favorite with the “mermaid wave.” The mermaid wave is a bit tighter and more dramatic for a statement look that is sexy and glamorous. This look is great for the bride that wants to wear her hair down, but is still wanting it to look extra special. And although it is show stopping on long locks, as seen on celebs like Amanda Seyfried and Naomi Harris, it can also be sported on shoulder length styles or even a chin length bob.

The mermaid wave is ideal for heart and square face shapes, and is a great choice for a bride that wants to go without a veil, or would rather skip on the hair accessory. There’s no better inspiration than a mystical mermaid for a look that’s girly, glamorous, and commands attention!

Ballerina Bun

Every little girl wants to be a ballerina. That’s why it’s no surprise that Bridal Fashion Week showcased a number of models sporting the classic ballerina bun. A clean bun is a great choice for brides that have a strong bone structure, and an oval face shape. It’s an ideal option for brides that don’t want to fuss with their hair throughout the wedding, or are concerned about elements like wind, rain or heat. Kerry Washington and Heidi Klum are a couple of celebrities showing off this no fuss look.

To add a little something extra, you can accent your bun with a nature inspired accessory. Bridal Fashion Week featured natural touches through hair accessories including butterfly pins, natural flower pieces, and even a small branch dusted in sparkles.

If you like simple and elegant, then the ballerina bun may be just the look for your wedding day.

Don’t stress that you haven’t picked the hairstyle. Remember, the most beautiful choice is the one that is right for you. Whether you choose a soft and windswept style, glamorous waves, or an elegant bun, there is a gorgeous hair style that is the perfect option for you.



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