Winter can be quite harsh on your hair. The sun often dehydrates your hair and leaves it feeling dull, dry and brittle.  Here are some tips to help restore health and vibrancy to your hair during Winter!

  • Put Down the Heat – Give your hair a reprieve from the use of heating elements for a week or two and experiment with your hair up, braids or ponytails. Always remember when using irons and blow dryers to apply a protective heat resistant product first, then select the right heat setting on your dryer or iron based on the thickness of your hair and the manufacturers recommendations.
  • Repair Heat Damage – If you’ve used any chemicals at all in your hair, chances are the summer sun, salt and chlorine left your hair brittle and dry. Battle the urge to style with heat and go au natural for a week or two, use a hydrating oil and schedule a trim as soon as possible.
  • Remove Chlorine Buildup – Time in the pool can lead to chlorine build-up but few realize showering with unfiltered tap water will do the same over time. Chlorine buildup leaves your hair dry, brittle and frizzy – in short, difficult to manage! Prevention is the safest way to deal with chlorine build up (swim caps, applying spray on hair conditioner prior to and rinsing immediately after swimming) but if you suspect you’ve got chlorine buildup consult with your hair stylist.
  • Tame the Frizz – For those of us who fall victim to the frizzies the transition from summer/fall into winter can be particularly frustrating. If you’re styling with heat, always apply a smoothing, heat resistant cream first to reduce breakage.
  • Fix Fading Hair Color – Has your color treatment turned dull or brassy? It may be time to call the hair salon and schedule a touchup.
  • Try Keratin – Many women (and men) who struggle to tame frizzy, curly and even coarse hair opt for Keratin-enriched products.  Heavy conditioners can leave hair limp. A better bet is to use Keranique® Volumizing Keratin Conditioner – a special cream-gel formula with a fortifying complex that coats, protects and volumizes fine and thinning hair with a keratin enriched coating.To learn more, visit Keranique, on Amazon.

winter ready hair with keranique conditioner

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