Keranique Celebrate Winter with a New Hairdo

Now that it’s a New Year, it’s the perfect time to update your hair. Here are six fresh new looks to try this winter.


Flipped Crop:

Wear a short style with volume all flipped to one side. For ladies with longer hair, you can fake the look without getting a cut by wearing a tight updo and leaving shorter layers out in front.


70s Styled Bangs

Since sweaty summer has come to an end, now is the perfect time to try out bangs. ’70s-inspired bangs are shorter at the centermost part of your bangs and gradually get longer toward your temples. This type of bang frames most face shapes in a really nice way.


The High Pony:

If you want to leave your hair long, create drama with the high pony: pull hair up tight, sky-high, and finish with extra volume on the tail. It’ll look perfect with all the turtlenecks you’ll be wearing.

Keranique Celebrate Winter with a New Hairdo - High Pony


Contouring Cut:

The Contouring Cut ditches the layers of seasons’ past for an angled, collarbone-length shape that plays up cheekbones and gives the face a flattering frame. Complete the look with stick-straight hair and a precise center part.


Slick Sweepback:

Let your visage be the center of attention with high-shine, straight strands tucked behind both ears. The simple, sophisticated tweak works on every length.


Textured Fringe:

Consider this the evolution of last season’s Short Shag. You’ve grown some length and have more to play with, so try some loose waves and add piecey, brow-skimming bangs.

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