“As we get older, unfortunately so does our hair,” begins Amie in a recent review of Keranique.  “Many women start to experience thinning hair around the age of 30. Luckily, there are products out there that are proven to help regrow and thicken our hair.”

Amie then turns her attention to the one product that is “taking the world by storm,” Keranique!  “Boosting thousands of testimonials, Keranique is one of the only hair products that uses an FDA approved ingredient to regrow hair,” notes this Keranique reviewer.

The review continues by exploring how Keranique works:

First, it works to revitalize your current hair. With FDA approved and clinically proven ingredients, Keranique immediately gets to work on giving you the healthiest hair possible.

Secondly, it works to volumize your hair and thicken + fortify your scalp.

Lastly, Keranique works to regrow and replenish hair that you have lost by providing your scale with nutrition to regrow old hair follicles and create new ones.

Read Amie’s full article about Keranique


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