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How Cameron Eubanks Fought Back Against Postpartum Hair Loss

Motherhood is a beautiful time, but it also comes with many challenges. Life is suddenly much different, and you may notice some changes in your body. A dramatic decrease in estrogen levels after pregnancy can cause “excessive hair shedding.” This may be scary, but you can fight back with the right regimens on your side! […]

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Keranique Hair Regrowth Update

If there’s one thing we love more than offering support to women struggling with hair loss, it has to be hearing their comeback stories. Afterall, our mission is to bring women together to share their stories, empower each other and feel more confident. Recently we caught up with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Amanda Tur, who […]

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Hair loss, Thinning Hair, True Life: I Use Keranique

The Emotional Toll of Hair Loss

Hair loss is an emotional journey for women. Hair is an important part of our appearance, it is part of our individual identities and dealing with hair loss can be incredibly difficult. After the initial realization that you may be experiencing hair loss, not being able to reverse the process overnight can be extremely frustrating […]

Elizabeth discussing her hair regrowth journey with Keranique
Hair loss, Keranique Reviews, Thinning Hair, True Life: I Use Keranique

Elizabeth’s Journey to Fuller, Thicker & Longer Hair

Elizabeth, just like many other women, began to experience hair thinning and bald spots. She was tired of feeling down about herself due to her hair loss. She said, “I was devastated when I realized my hair was thinning. Hair loss is embarrassing, and I lost my confidence. I was fed up with losing hair. […]