Summer isn’t only a break for you, but a break for your hair too! During the winter months most women blow-dry, straighten, and curl every day. After all, no one likes to walk out into that cold weather with wet hair. You can now take advantage of the summer months by giving your hair a break with these 5 useful tips and tricks:

1)      Heat Up. Rather than using your hair dryer on your hair use the sun. While you’re laying out on the beach take the time to put in a deep conditioner. The sun will help the conditioner to set it leading to moisturized hair. This tip will also help protect your hair from the damage that salt water – and chlorinated water – can often cause.


2)      Highlight. Summer months are when women tend to go lighter in hair color. We all know how damaging that bleach and color can be to our beautiful locks. Instead of using hair dye, consider using tea! Add four bags of tea to a gallon of boiling water, let them steep for five minutes. Once the water is cool, pour the tea over your hair. Put a shower cap on and sit tight for 10 min. After that rinse and wash. This trick will save your hair and wallet some pain.

3)      Beachy Waves. Everyone wants those beautiful beachy waves in their hair during the summer, but did you know that you can accomplish this with no heat. Once you get out of the shower gently towel dry your hair. Part your hair and brush is gently avoiding any hard tugging. Then put your hair in two braids before you go to bed. When you wake up undo the braids and you’ll have easy, beachy waves. You can add a little hairspray for hold but it’s not necessary for everyone. No heat – and a little product – makes for some healthy hair.

4)      Accessories. When the heat becomes unbearable we tend to throw our hair up and into ponytails. It’s the perfect weather for those ponytails, but be careful what accessories you use. Avoid using hair ties with metal closures as that can cause more damage to your hair.

5)      Soak it up. While going swimming is one of the best parts of summer, soaking up all that salt water – or chlorinated water – isn’t the best for your hair. Try to restrict that amount by rinsing your hair in fresh water before taking a dip. Hair can only absorb so much, so doing this helps prevent some of the pool water, or ocean water, from being soaked into your hair. This could help your hair from getting brittle and damaged.

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