Do you have very fine hair with little volume? Does your hair tend to get weighed down by oil and grease? Here are five tips that should help you manage your fine hair!

1.  Wash Your Hair Often

Curly and wavy do not require a frequent wash. In fact quite the opposite, since hair with curls tend to be drier. However, fine hair should be washed frequently. The natural oils that are produced on your scalp travel faster down to the tips of your hair. This weighs fine hair down and makes it look limp. Therefore, wash your hair frequently just don’t overdo it!

2. Don’t  Apply Conditioner on Your Roots

This goes back to the point above. Oil is already very noticeable on fine hair therefore you want to avoid it when you can. Conditioners contain ingredients such as oils and silicones which make fine hair only greasier. If you want to moisturize the tips of your hair then use conditioner on the bottom half of your locks but don’t apply it anywhere near the scalp. That way you can still get the conditioning on the tips that tend to be drier but keep the rest of your hair from becoming too greasy and limp.

3. Don’t Sleep With Wet Hair

Unlike curly and wavy hair that tends to bounce back after you go to sleep with them, wet fine hair does not do that. Instead fine hair is left with weird kinks that are almost impossible to get rid of without some heat or moisture. Therefore, I would advise against sleeping with wet hair unless you’re putting them in braids in order to give your hair some wave.

4. Blow Dry Your Hair Upside Down

As someone with fine hair you should know how hard it is to give it volume. When you are blow drying your hair a great trick for getting that volume is to tip your hair over. It will give your hair an extra lift by drying your hair strands at the root.

5. When Styling Your Hair Use Hair Spray

There are surely times when you want to have a fancier hairstyle. However, from experience women with finer hair should know that their hair doesn’t hold curls or updos well. If you want your hairstyle to last make sure to use lots of hairspray. Otherwise your hairstyle is bound to fall apart.

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