No one likes having split ends. We always complain about them to our hairstylists. However, is there a way to naturally prevent and help heal split ends? Here are some tips on ways you can fix your split ends.

1.  Before washing your hair brush it

Brushing your hair before showering helps to minimize tangles and prevent the damage that occurs when you brush your hair afterwards. This is because when you wash your hair without brushing it first it tends to get very tangled. Since your hair is weaker when wet, when you brush it after showering it tends to break more. This in turn creates a higher amount of split ends. To avoid this, try to also focus your shampooing at the scalp and keeping your hair straight and not bunched up when you wash it.

 2.  Use a conditioner at all times

Using a conditioner helps to heal dry hair with split ends so make sure to use it during every wash. Another tip is to use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair while you still have some conditioner in your hair. That way you can easily get any tangles in your hair out while still in the shower avoiding breakage later. Use leave in conditioned whenever necessary.

3.      Minimize the use of styling tools

It should come to no surprise that applying an intense amount of heat to your hair that comes from tools like a hair drier or a hair straightener is damaging to your hair. Therefore, try to avoid using these types of tools whenever possible. Try to experiment with hairstyles that do not require any heat and use mousse to add texture to your natural hair type.

4.      Cut your hair about 1 inch above your split ends and get a trim regularly

When you do want to get rid of your split ends by cutting them off make sure that you get your hair cut about 1 inch above where your split ends were. That will help your hair to grow out healthier. Also, if you are looking to grow your hair long you should trim it about every six to eight weeks to make sure that the ends are consistently healthy as they grow out.

 5.      Avoid damaging treatments

Treatments like getting highlights, dying your hair, getting it straightened or permed are all very popular however they are also really harmful. Getting such treatments done in combination with each other and consistently can cause major damage to your hair.

Therefore, our advice is to limit yourself to one major hair treatment to control how much damage your hair gets.

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