If you have oily hair you know how tricky it is to control it. It’s frustrating to have to wash your hair every day because of how greasy it feels. Here are five tricks that should help your hair to produce fewer oils and feel cleaner!

1. Shampoo and Condition your Hair Properly

It may sound like washing your hair everyday will help to decrease the amount of oil on your head when in fact the opposite occurs. Shampooing your hair too much strips your scalp of the oil that it naturally produces, causing it to produce even more oil. Therefore, you should aim to shampoo every two or three days. If you notice that your roots are getting oily, use dry shampoo instead. You should also avoid excessive conditioning. When you condition your hair avoid the scalp and use an oil-free formula.

2. Brush Your Hair Frequently

Brushing your hair not only helps to detangle it but also helps to distribute the oils that it produces. The oil in your hair is produced at the scalp, therefore, when you brush your hair you are distributing that oil all throughout. In this way frequent brushing will help the scalp to produce less oil and will result in less greasy hair in the long run.  

3. Don’t wash your hair with hot water

Applying heat to your scalp causes it to produce more oils. Therefore, washing your hair with hot water will make it greasier. Instead, try to wash your hair in lukewarm water. In addition, for your final rinse after you shampoo and condition, try to use cold water. It may feel a bit unpleasant but it will really help to decrease the production of oils in your scalp.

4.  Tie back your hair during any type of physical exercise

When we exercise we tend to perspire. Thus, our body produces more oils and sweat. Leaving your hair down makes it much easier for it to get greasy. Therefore, always make sure to pull your hair out of the way whenever you exercise. Additionally, if your job requires physical exercise, no matter how minor, make sure to tie back your hair at the slightest sign of perspiration.

5.  Avoid heat when styling your hair

Heat, as mentioned before, stimulates your scalp to produce more oil. Therefore using styling tools such as a flat iron and a hair drier makes your hair oiler. Try to reduce the amount that you use those tools. It may be of course be impossible to eliminate them from your routine altogether so instead try air drying your about eighty percent of the way and using your hair dryer do the rest. Your hair will thank you!

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