The statement “Go bold or go home” often applies in life, but it doesn’t always apply to your hair color. Now-a-days, it’s absolutely acceptable, and even trendy, to wear your natural hair color while using subtle highlights to add a hint of pop. If your natural hair color could use a lift, get on board with the hottest babylighting trend to do the trick.

“Baby” is the newest addition to the “highlighting” family. The color does not do much to change the appearance of the hair, it simply provides a subtle way to add dimension to your existing color. The babylighting concept was swiped right from the heads of small children, who naturally have light and vibrancy in their natural hair color. Next time you see a small child, take a look at his or her hair and you’ll see what I mean.

Subtle is the Point

The primary difference between babylighting and other highlighting processes is that instead of dying large chunks of hair, the hair stylist takes tiny sections of hair strands and applies color to them. The color application is typically only a shade lighter than the natural hair color so that it blends subtly.

Because there are such small sections of hair involved, the process takes longer to do than traditional highlights. Although the technique is time-consuming, the end result is worth every minute of it. When friends and family get a load of your hair, they’ll notice it looks more vibrant and defined.

Does Your Existing Hair Color Matter?

While babylights look fabulous with blonde hair, the technique can be used to enhance any hair color. The process is customizable, so if you have darker hair, an experienced hair stylist can easily mix a color that’s slightly lighter than your natural shade and apply it to your hair. Babylights work on any hair length, but it tends to look best on hair that falls at or below the shoulders.

Make it Last

One of the allures of babylights is that they are low maintenance. However, you still have to care for your hair properly to get the most mileage from the look.


  • Use a moisturizing shampoo. When you wash your hair, opt for a moisturizing shampoo. This type of shampoo is designed to infuse the locks with moisture and keep frizz and dryness under control.
  • Use a conditioning pack. Every couple of weeks, apply a deep conditioning pack to the hair to thwart dryness and preserve glossiness.
  • Cut down on washing. To keep the color from fading, limit your shampoos to every other day. If you can skip washing your tresses a little longer, do so. You can always use dry shampoo to absorb excess oil and freshen up the hair between washes.
  • Use shine-producing products. Babylights look best when the hair is shiny, so use light oils and serums to keep the sheen alive.
  • Keep your ends trimmed. Dry, damaged ends will detract from the lusciousness of your babylights. When you visit your hair stylist for your color retouches, have him or her clip your ends so they stay healthy.

In addition, don’t schedule your coloring appointments too close together and do not try to redo the babylights yourself. In order to preserve the subtleness of the look, you have to avoid coloring the same strands repeatedly. A professional stylist can determine the best placement for babylights during your maintenance appointments.

If you love your natural hair color, but want to add richness to it, speak to your hair stylist about adding in some babylights. This trendy highlighting technique is an easy way to add oomph to your tresses without committing to a drastic color change.

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