In the morning, as you’re rushing around to get ready for work, you have to allocate your time wisely. Getting out the door on time is only part of the objective, looking good is always in the mix. To that end, here are eight of my favorite tricks for looking good despite hitting the snooze button a couple of times.  If you want to transform your hair instantaneously without going to your hair stylist for a cut or dye job, try extension clips. Not only do these take just minutes to apply, but you can also test out looks without committing. You can try out a longer length, bangs, or fuller hair.

If you normally wear your bangs down, try a quick trick to change your entire style. Simply pin bangs back against your scalp with Bobby pins. Then top off the whole look with a pretty headband.   Everyone will ask you what you did differently with your hair.

Hot Rollers
If you have a big day at work ahead and want to make a good impression, try some hot rollers in your hair as you get ready in the morning. Keep the rollers near your hair’s crown and wait about five minutes. Eventually the rollers will cool, then take them out and finish your sexy curls with some setting spray for a terrific all-day look.

Twisted Ponytail
To boost a basic ponytail and change it from ordinary to extraordinary, create a twisted ponytail instead. Take some extra hair that you exclude from the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail numerous times. Secure it with Bobby pins. This is a great look for date night or girl’s night out.

Sock Buns
If you want the perfect topknot or bun with little to no effort, let the sock bun be your guide. You can buy one or make your own using an old sock. Simply cut the toe part off and then create a ponytail. Apply the sock around the base of the ponytail and then tuck your hair into the sock all the way around. It’s that easy.

Partial Braids
Braids look amazing when your hair’s down or when you’re wearing it in a ponytail or a bun. To style a quick braid, pull your hair into a side ponytail, braiding only a small portion right below the ear. You can then hold the look in place with bobby pins. Partial braids can save you plenty of time in the morning.

Coconut Oil
If you wake up to dull and lifeless hair, give it some sheen with a quick application of coconut oil. Rub the oil through your locks, specifically concentrating on the ends. Not only will your hair look prettier with only a few minutes of effort, but you will also banish frizz. You can also use it to create extra texture depending on how much or little that you apply.

Dry Shampoo
For those mornings with zero time when you need to inject some life into your locks, use dry shampoo. It will remove all oiliness and provide some lift as well. You don’t even need to step into the shower to use it either, which saves you time.  Dry shampoo is one of those indispensable must have products, I don’t know what I did without it, I always carry it in my purse.

Each these eight tricks will only take a few minutes to implement, yet they guarantee that you have beautiful hair all day long. You can try one or combine a couple to get you that ideal hairstyle that looks like you spent hours (or lots of money) on. Don’t be surprised when you get compliments from friends and coworkers.

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