While air-drying your hair was once considered a big no-no, it’s more recently become a much more widely accepted option.  After all, if you use a towel to squeeze your strands dry, they often will become frizzy. Too much heat exposure can also damage hair. Proper air-drying can lead to beautiful hair if you use the right products.

Rollers If you want to get natural, sexy waves overnight, you don’t have to make a ton of effort. Simply sleep with some rollers in your damp hair. If you don’t necessarily have rollers handy, Redbook suggests repurposing an old cotton t-shirt that you no longer wear, cutting it up into pieces that measure about 6×1-inch each. The t-shirt pieces may be more comfortable than rollers anyway when it’s time to hit the bricks.

Texturizing Spray If you don’t want curls but you do want texture, then a texturizing spray can be your best friend. These sprays, such as Rockaway Salt Spray, go into your hair right after your shower. Not only do they smell amazing, but they also make your hair look like you just got back from a day on the beach. This product works for medium and thicker hair types.

Frizz Reducer If you have been air-drying your hair with a combination of a towel and time, then as mentioned above, you probably have pretty frizzy hair. There’s no need to give up air-drying altogether; just toss the towel aside and run an anti-frizz spray through your hair instead. Leonor Greyl’s Detangling Styling Milk allows your rough hairs to be tamed so that you can brush them into submission. It’ll also improve the silky appearance of your hair as well. You can use this product on a variety of hair types, including straight or wavy.

Silky Spray If you want smooth, silky, and touchably soft hair every time you air-dry, don’t forget to use BioSilk’s Silk Therapy Oil. This product, which has existed since 1992, has become a beloved favorite for beautiful strands that look like you put a lot more effort into them than you did. This lightweight oil won’t weigh down hair either.

Hair Body Spray L’Oreal Paris’ Boost It High Creation Spray does provide body, but for your hair. If you’re trying to style a larger-than-life ‘do for a date night or big celebration, this is the product that you should turn to. The bottle’s instructions recommend that you allow your hair to air-dry halfway. Once you reach that point, spray this through the entirety of your hair. Next, you’ll need a bit of patience, as you’ll have to let your hair air-dry the rest of the way. Once it does though, no matter how you style your hair next, it will be big, bold, and turn heads wherever you go.

Hold Spray If you went through all of the time and trouble to create a fantastic updo with the hair body spray from L’Oreal Paris above, then you’re going to want to make sure that your hair holds up all night. In that case, reach for Big Sexy Hair’s Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray. It fights off all signs of frizzy, wilting hair due to strengthening polymers. If you’ve had reservations about letting your hair air-dry in the past because you heard it’s not the healthiest option, have no fear. As long as you don’t wrestle with your towel to dry your strands, you can use plenty of products to make sure that your locks look smooth, sexy, shiny, and have plenty of texture, life, and body. The above six products make styling partially wet hair a breeze.

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