Know what I love about being naturally curly?   The wash `n go!   Never heard of it?  Obviously, you either have really straight hair (in which case I would not recommend a wash and go) or you’re severely under-utilizing your God-given curls. Whatever the case, I’m about to put you on to game!

Simple right?  Right!  But wait.

What happens if your curls don’t hang the way you like them?  Or you experience undesired shrinkage?  These things make the seemingly simple hairstyle less desirable.  There are ways that you get a perfect wash `n go with relative ease.  Follow these quick steps:

  1. Don’t skimp on conditioner!  Curly hair needs more moisture than naturally straight hair because it tends to dry out more quickly.  To ensure that your hair is not a brittle hot mess by mid-day, make sure that you use generous amounts of conditioner after you shampoo or even opt to co-wash.
  2. Make use of the mousse!  You want your curls thick and defined when you head out for the day. A mousse like Keranique Thickening and Texturizing Mousse will give you the springy and soft curls that your desire without the heft and product buildup.
  3. Flip your wig!  Seriously, flip your hair over Tina Turner in Proud Mary style and give it a good shake.  Don’t be afraid to run your hands through your curls.   This will build the volume that you want and separate your curls.
  4. Finish up!  To complete your wash `n go, apply a lightweight lifting spray to keep your curls plump from root to tip.  Reapply during the day if you feel that your curls need an extra boost.

Now you’re ready for the world with your sassy, curly wash `n go.

To learn more, visit Keranique, at HSN.

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